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Wine with meaning

Wine and its meaning

The wine has a special status and is allocated among the other alcoholic beverages. He has a flair of the nobility.

Mistake in wine purchasing can any ordinary citizen, how to avoid it?

Consider a few tips for beginners sommelier.

Cheap - means good wine does not work

"The more expensive the better" works for winesAustralia, South America and the rest of the non-European countries. The amount for this category is composed of the reasons seller allowances, transportation, manufacturing, and so on. N. The surcharge in the case of European wines can be exclusively for the brand. Sort by little-known brands can be quite cheap.

Do not buy wine at a discount

We all know that supermarkets are trying tohurry to sell stale goods. But the wine is not spoiled, and we know about it. This means that the discount can sell quite poor quality wine, this is called hard.

Choose dry wines

"Semi-sweet" wine - a term coined andliving only within the territory of the former Soviet Union. These wines do not drink anywhere else in the world. Make "sweet" from the low-quality grapes from waste, diluting with sweeteners and dyes. You can just as easily buy, for example, drink "Grape Day".

Good price for wine from 700 to 1200 rubles

Extra charge for excise duty, packaging, transport andother details, creating a price impact on the final price tag of wine. At this price, you can see that in front of you for a cheap and good wine. 700 rubles cheaper you buy an obvious fake, diluted swill. Wine, which is worth more than 1000 rubles can be purchased at the restaurant.

Be careful with loud names

The wine industry has an unwritten rule - notcreate unnecessary adornments, pointing to the label manufacturer, year and brand. Bright and catchy title such as "Temptation nuns" - an invention marketing and experienced vinolyuba should scare.

test the bottle

Quality wine - it is a heavy bottle havingbroad "shoulders", tapering slightly towards the bottom. Packaged in foil tube also speaks about the quality of the wine. A cursory inspection of the bottle will tell you whether or not to make a purchase.

Note on the cork

Each of us is a stereotype thatgood wine should be a classic cork cork. But it is not so, a good wine can have a tin tube. Many manufacturers have abandoned production in the classical style, but as the wine from it is not lost. Note that, while in the store.

Do not play the sommelier

If you will try to understand what the harvest year andthe difference between the collection of 2012 from 2010, you can start reading the article again. Grape variety plays a minor role in the quality of wine, but an indication of it must be present on the label. If this is not available, then the wine is made from waste or low-quality raw materials.

Champagne is not an option

If you have not been able to choose a good wine,We need to look decent alternative among the bottles of champagne. It is unlikely that you will find a comparable price drink made from apple pomace is not, and grapes.

Drink wine with dignity

Value fault lies not only in quality but also in the process of its use. Snacks should be matched perfectly to be able to reveal the true taste of the wine.

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