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The two sides

Life is not possible in today's world withoutdaily communication with friends and strangers. Any regular business meeting or conversation will fail if you fail to win the interlocutor.

Some people just can not call the trust and sympathy, and some painfully long can not win a good location to yourself.

There are many methods that can help in dealing with people.



Turning to the other party with a greeting, call it by name. This method creates a positive attitude. Continuing the conversation, do not forget to contact counterparts by name.


It is equally important when talking affably smiling. This is necessary to cause positive emotions. The smile should be appropriate in the course of the conversation: welcoming, reassuring, sympathetic.


A special place in communication belongs compliment. It is a versatile and effective tool in order to position the interlocutor to himself. To complement all are favorable, so it's nice to hear about himself good. Do not confuse compliments with flattery. Smoothie is able to greatly exaggerate the virtues of the interlocutor. For sure you compliment a person smiles. It is important to compliment not contradict reality too much. For example, the patient can not look fine. The desire to maintain his neutral words can express.


The next thing that will help you to arrange himself interlocutor - is the ability to listen. Listening man will always be in a better position, because it can influence the process of communication in the future. Your ability to listen to the person may have a positive impact on your business. Listening to the interlocutor, try not to be distracted.


An important element that helps to reach locations himself - your opinion. Talk and listen to the interlocutor, looking into his eyes. Distracted by the other subject's eye can be every ten seconds, after two or three seconds again, directing attention to the counterpart.


During the conversation, you will be more receptive if you are near and slightly to one side.
Use these methods and your goal - to place the himself interlocutor, will be achieved.

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