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How to win in the "Prince of Persia" game

How to win in the "Prince of Persia" game

"Prince of Persia" - a series of games, which was equally popular in the 1990s and today.

The reason for this constant change of direction and the regular release of new parts.

Sequels never bored: every time the players are invited to the new rules and to win, it was necessary to look for a new tactic of passing.



In the two-dimensional parts it is all about time. The main feature of the game is that their passage is given exactly one hour. Meet the deadline on the first try is almost impossible, so you should carefully examine each location on the subject of secret routes and sections. Save time and help that you can not engage in a fight with his opponents - just run past them (or come close - the soldiers change sides, and you are actually "pass through" protection). So at the first level, you save 7-15 minutes.


In the first generation of three-dimensional games leading roleplay fighting and acrobatics. First of all, the user should carefully study the locations on the subject of where to go: it may be a crossbar, hooks on the windows, curtains and hooks - almost every piece of furniture is interactive. However, when you find the way to the next room, where you are likely to meet the enemy. To defeat them, you should use complex combinations of blows: clearly and simply "zaklikivanie" single click you will be able to kill someone, but by the end of the game difficulty will increase significantly, and you still have to apply complex combo (the list you will find in the main menu).


In the game "The Two Thrones" there is an alternative to fighting: QTE. Quick-Time-Events will allow you do not engage in battle with the enemies, and kill all carefully one by one. To do this, you need to find some kind of acrobatic track, which let you to the NPC so that he did not see you (for example, to jump to the head or sneak up from the bottom), and then - just press a key to silent killing.


In the game Prince of Persia (2009) loseIt is impossible in principle. The opponents are few and general character can not completely die (in the context of the game is explained by magic helper of the protagonist). To win here you need to collect grain plants, and to be a special place in the "dark" location: then will open new ways and in general, the nearby area will be "cleansed of evil".

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