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How to win in court


How to win in court</a>

Since the trial is a very laborious process to win it, it will take not only perseverance and patience.

The outcome of any case is largely dependent on the completeness and credibility of the evidence base, the literacy of compiling the documents submitted to the process.

You will need

  • Qualified lawyer, evidential documents, statement of claim.



Sign a contract with a lawyer, a high reputationWhich is not only his own advertising, but also confirmed by the numerous won cases. Self-management of the case requires knowledge of legal subtleties, the ability to operate with facts and evidence. It should be addressed only in the absence of funds or with full confidence in the outcome of the case, supported by irrefutable evidence.


Write a statement of claim to the court. Submit him to court at the place of residence of the alleged defendant. To the application attach all the documents that somehow can affect the course of the process.


At the trial, stay free, but notImpudently. Quietly, without raising your voice, defend your position, which is set out in the statement of claim. Make up questions and counterarguments to the respondent in advance, write down on paper. Avoid emotionality in your speech. Be polite and correct in the statements.


Provide evidence and give arguments gradually as you discuss one side of the matter.

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