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How to win in court

How to win in court

Since the trial is a very time-consuming process to win it, not only need perseverance and patience.

The outcome of any court case in many respects depends on the completeness and credibility of the evidence base, drawing up literacy presented at the trial documents.

You will need

  • A qualified lawyer, evidentiary documents, the statement of claim.



Sign a contract with a lawyer, high reputationwhich is not only his own advertising, but also confirmed the won numerous affairs. Independent case management requires knowledge of the legal technicalities, the ability to operate with facts and evidence. On it should be resolved only in the absence of funds or the full confidence in the outcome of the case, supported by irrefutable evidence.


Make a statement of claim in court. Apply it to the court at the place of residence of the defendant alleged. The application shall attach all the documents that somehow can affect the process.


At the court session hang free, but notinsolently. Quietly, without raising the voice to defend its position, which is set out in the statement of claim. Questions and counterarguments defendant Compose advance, write on paper. In his speech, avoid emotion. Be polite and correct in his statements.


To present evidence and arguments to bring gradually as the discussion of a particular aspect of the matter.

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