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How to win the game in 2048

How to win the game in 2048

The game quickly gained momentum in 2048 and became insanely popular. The bottom line is that, in one of them you need to dial the number in 2048, shifting the squares and combining tiles of the same denomination.

And there are squares with numbers 2 and 4. Despite the seeming simplicity, play it hard enough. Many are fighting on the game clock, and to achieve the coveted number and can not.

To win it, however, it is possible, it is only necessary to know some of the secrets and techniques.



The first secret is that all the numbers you need to movein one corner. This will not appear superfluous squares that significantly interfere with the game. Larger denominations place in the corner, and in any case will not slide. This can be done only in a desperate situation, and then immediately return to its original place.


That there was no possibility for displacement from a place of large numbers, keep always filled with a vertical row. As soon as the free cell, immediately fill it by sliding the side figures.


The vertical row, mentioned above,Collect all the major figures. This will eventually put them together, it is much easier than collecting the squares of the same denomination from different ends. In addition, this will avoid the fact that these large numbers will interfere as possible to put them other similar will not happen.


Do not be afraid of new twos and fours, theycan help you out, but analyze how best to fold them together. It is best to build a series of hierarchical chain. To do this at the very beginning of the game in 2048 made a major angular figure itself, then fold the numbers at the top of the cell after it, and then in the third and fourth, so you can gradually add up all the numbers in one. If you have formed a gap between the large numbers of a smaller, then try to fill it by pouring it for her all the cells.

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