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How to win business

How to win business

Contacting the World Court usually takes place in situations where all the solutions to the problem have been exhausted.

However, in this case it is necessary to prepare large package of documents to enlist the support of a competent lawyer and the right to develop a strategic line of conduct in court.

You will need

  • Properly drawn up a statement of claim, a good evidence base.



Make a statement of claim. Specify in it all the information about yourself and the respondent, explain what is the violation of your rights, liberties or interests. Describe the circumstances of the case and bring the arguments, the evidence confirming these facts. Designate the amount of the claim. Attach to the application all possible evidentiary documents.


Apply to the court - either directly by the magistrate, or by sending a paper to a magistrate by registered letter with acknowledgment.


At the hearing the magistrate read outrights and obligations of the parties. Listen carefully to this information. If you run your own line of defense, it will help you send it in the right direction. In the event that the court does not present the defendant and his representative, ask the judge for verification of his authority to this change.


Submit to the court their evidence base. If necessary, pull out the requirements for a survey of various witnesses, attached to the case specific documents, request for a review. If you need time to call witnesses or collect additional evidence, ask to postpone the hearing for a specified period.


In case of disagreement with the decision of the world court write and submit an appeal to the Office of the respective district court.

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