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How to win a business


How to win a business</a>

Appeal to the world court occurs, as a rule, in those situations when all ways of solving the problem have been exhausted.

However, in this case, it is necessary to prepare a large package of documents, enlist the support of a competent lawyer and develop the right strategic line of conduct in court.

You will need

  • Well-formed statement of claim, good evidence base.



Write a statement of claim. Indicate in it all the data about yourself and the respondent, explain what is the violation of your right, freedom or interest. Describe the circumstances of the case and give arguments, evidence supporting these circumstances. Indicate the price of the claim. Attach to the application all possible supporting documents.


Apply to the court - either directly to the magistrate, or by sending the papers to the world court by registered mail with a notice.


At the court session, the magistrate will readrights and obligations of the parties. Listen carefully to this information. If you conduct a line of defense on your own, it will help you to channel it in the right direction. In the event that there is not a defendant present in the court, but his representative, ask the judge to verify his authority for this substitution.


Present the evidence to the court. If necessary, put forward the requirements for interviewing certain witnesses, attach specific documents to the case, ask for an expert examination. If you need time to call witnesses or collect additional evidence, ask to postpone the hearing for a certain period.


If you disagree with the decision of the world court, write and file an appeal with the office of the relevant district court.

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