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How to win a man

Be active, if you want to win the man-fish

If you prefer to be active in a relationship, the man-fish just created for you.

Many have to work hard to win it, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

You will need

  • perseverance
  • Ideas for visits
  • Aroma candles



Take a man-fish the way it is? indecisive, immersed in his own world. Do not try to make it a strong-willed person. Love and treat it with tenderness and understanding. This is the key to winning this zodiac sign.


Become his friend, share his enthusiasm. Talk to him on important topics for him, Hear his thoughts on various occasions (even if it is for you is not quite clear). So the male fish will feel happy and will seek to spend more time with you.


Be more active in relationship toto win the man-fish. Confess her love for him, arrange a romantic candlelit dinners with or without cause, call him several times a day. Fish constantly need confirmation of your feelings, to reciprocate.


To win the man-fish, oftenencouraged him. Let him only with your help, will be able to deal with sadness and apathy. And one day he will realize that without you it is no longer live.

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