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whether a person can be treated horse ointment for joints

Can a person be treated horse ointment for joints

Distrust of official medicine and the search for a panaceaoften force sufferers to use as a drug the most unexpected means. Formulations for animals before sale tested for efficiency and harmlessness.

It is not surprising that sometimes they are in demand in the treatment of diseases in humans.

Gels "Alezan"

This whole line of gels designed fortreating injured joints of horses. Gels anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effect, enhance the regenerative processes in damaged tissues.
Buffer between the movable plates in the cartilaginousjoint is the joint fluid. Its shortage leads to abrasion of cartilage and articular pains strong. An important component of joint fluid lubrication is glucosamine - a compound aminoskislot and sugars. The structure of "Alezan" gels include glucosamine hydrochloride, which helps to restore damaged cartilage.
Gels also contain glycerin, which stimulatesregeneration of damaged tissues and stimulates the metabolism. Aseptic and regenerating effect is high-purity water with silver ions, mummy and sea buckthorn oil.
The composition of the gel contains extracts of medicinal plants: chamomile, celandine, calendula, sage, caraway, pine buds, fennel, yarrow, peppermint, St. John's wort, and others.
Different types of gels may be warming,cooling and warming-cooling effect. Therapeutic "Alezan" ointment containing fraction miramistin SDA and serves for the treatment of infected wounds and fungal diseases.
The tool is applied to the affected area and rub with light massaging movements. After applying the gel to the warming effect of land cover can be warm shawl or wrap.

Gels "Zoovip"

Gels of this line are intended for the treatment ofjoints and spine, healing wounds and relieving muscle tension, prevent stagnation and increasing the elasticity of blood vessels horses. Gels are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases of joints and muscles.
The structure means includes purified water,glycerin, propolis, essential oils and other ingredients, depending on the purpose. Furthermore, some gels contain preservatives and food colorants permitted for use in Russia. The manufacturer indicates that all gels hypoallergenic. They should be applied just as "Alezan" ointment.

whether the means are suitable for people

All components of gels, "Alezan" and "Zoovip" quitesuited to deal with human diseases. However, since the drug is intended for the horses, the concentration of potent agents may be too high for a person. Before use, should apply a small amount of gel on the inner fold your hands for at least 12 hours to check for allergies to this facility. In addition, it is necessary to study carefully the instructions for use of the drug and to consult with a doctor.

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