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Wicker newspaper tubes

Weaving newspaper tubes

In needlewomen all goes to the cause.

It would seem, what do you want old newspapers and magazines, but also from their masters make nice and, most importantly, the necessary gizmos.

Getting Started

Prepare tubes. Newspaper sheets are cut into strips the width of 6-8 cm. It's more convenient, faster and easier to do with a long metal ruler and stationery knife. On the newspaper to mark the width of the strip, fold several sheets on top of each other, so that the sheet layout has been at the top of the stack. Then attach a metal ruler and cut the strips on it, trying to cut through all the sheets. Also, the strip can be cut with scissors and ordinary, and they do not necessarily have to get absolutely smooth, no trouble, though in some places the width of the strip will have a couple of millimeters or thicker.

Screw the tube. This will help you spoke or wooden sticks for barbecue. Lay the strip on top of her wand at an angle of about 45 degrees. Start to wind a strip of paper to stick periodically lubricating it with white glue. When screw the paper completely, pull rod, tube, leave to dry out.

Staining tubes

When the tube is completely dry, you canproceed directly to the manufacture of bags and paint a ready-made, or to do so in advance. It is best to pre-paint tubes, if you want to make a multi-colored product. Suitable any paint: acrylic, gouache, stain.

It is very convenient to use for this purpose spray paint. To paint over the tube completely, you will need to put them on multiple layers, and each must be completely dry prior.

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To obtain the desired color, you can mix the paintdifferent colors or use a color scheme. However, products, painted with these paints are afraid of water, so they can not be cleaned with a damp cloth, let alone wash. If you want to give a special strength of things woven from newspaper tubes, cover the finished product in several layers of lacquer.

Weaving newspaper tubes

Now proceed directly to the manufacture ofthings. Fold the 2 rolls crosswise, if the product is large, add 2 rolls together and place them crosswise (this will give additional strength to the base). Then add another 2 tubes between them is supposed to be 45 degrees.

The principle of weaving from newspaper tubes is the same as in the wicker baskets of twigs.

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Now take another tube from the newspaper (itwill be working) and begin to braid base. One braided on top, the next - from the bottom, rotate until the end of the series. Promazhte tube with white glue and continue to weave these ranks. If the tube end, promazhte its edge inside with glue and insert the next one. Wait until the glue is dry, and continue to weave.

To make bumpers, tube bases liftup and continue to braid their work to the required height. The other edge of the base, fold and hide in the netting, cut off the excess. According to this principle can be made a variety of baskets, boxes for jewelry, bread bins, braid a bottle of champagne or wine and more on the Internet a lot of workshops for the production of gizmos in this technique.

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