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WHY depression is called green


Why depression is called green</a>

Even in Ancient Rus people knew about such a painful feeling as melancholy.

The Slavs called it green, because they believed that it was from marsh mud, in which the malevolent mermaids live.

Anguish as a manifestation of depression

Tosca is one of the manifestations of depression,Accompanied by a negative and apathetic reaction to everything around him. It can appear from nowhere, for example, in a person who is happy in marriage and successful at work, and blame everything - constant stress. In ancient Rus, the longing was called "green", because it was believed that this feeling comes from a marsh with a dark green slime, in which virgins live, catching up on people's negative emotions. This expression is still used, embodying mental suffering and a complete lack of desire for any action. Yearning is one of the most terrible feelings that, according to psychologists, can even become one of the reasons for suicide. In an easy form, it is absolutely harmless, it is common for a person to mourn about something, to plunge into his thoughts, to poke around his home, his beloved, etc. However, it is very important that this feeling does not become systematic and does not develop into a protracted depression, it is not so easy to get out of it without the help of specialists.

Melancholics are most prone to melancholy, andPeople who are systematically experiencing experiences for any reason. To get rid of it, you need to communicate more with people and do not sink into negative thoughts.

Opinions of Tibetan doctors

Tibetan doctors believe that longing isThe first sign of gallbladder disease, biliary dyskinesia, which can lead to sudden outbursts of anger and even a state of self-destruction. They also say that at the present time this green "monster" has been increasingly exposed to children facing incomprehension of parents, peers and teachers. In Tibetan philosophy, depression is called not just green, but brown-green or dark green, which is associated with a powerful charge of negative energy that harbors this feeling. Some experts associate temporary influx of melancholy with the influence of planets, for example, Monday is the day of the Moon, Tuesday is of Mars, etc.

To get rid of anguish, Tibetan monks recommend washing the hair with a rarity of the motherwort or a chernobylnik, which is popularly called the "God's Tree."

How to get rid of anguish

To get rid of the agonizing drearyFeelings, you need to diversify your leisure, for example, to start a new hobby, expand the circle of communication, etc. The main thing is not to shut yourself up, not to be alone with negative thoughts. Representatives of alternative medicine to drive away melancholy, recommends eating a spoonful of poppy or drinking a tincture from field nettles or field horsetail. But the truly "green" day is Friday, which is subject to Mercury. On this day it is recommended to mentally send love to everyone, look at emeralds, green grass and leaves, so as not to give the anguish the slightest chance.

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