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WHY depression called green

Why depression called green

Even in ancient Rus' people know about such a painful feeling melancholy.

The Slavs called it green, as believed, it chtorodom of swamp slime in which they live malevolent mermaid.

Tosca as a manifestation of depression

Tosca - one of the manifestations of depression,accompanied by negative and apathetic reaction to everything around. It can appear out of nowhere, for example, a person who is happily married and successful in work and blame - constant stress. In the Ancient Rus yearning called "green" because they believed that this feeling comes from the swamps with a dark green slime, in which live the Virgin, scolding people negative emotions. This expression is used and so far, representing mental suffering and a complete lack of desire to any action. Tosca - is one of the worst feelings, which, according to psychologists, may even become one of the causes of suicide. In the mild form, it is absolutely harmless, the person can sometimes feel sad about something, lost in thought, potoskovat the native home, a loved one, etc. However, it is important that this feeling was not systematic and did not develop into a prolonged depression, get out of that is not so easy without the help of professionals.

Tosca most prone to melancholic andpeople regularly experiencing feelings on any subject. To get rid of it, you need more to communicate with people and not to sink into negative thoughts.

Opinions Tibetan doctors

Tibetan doctors believe that nostalgia isthe first sign of gallbladder disease, biliary dyskinesia, which can lead to sudden outbursts of anger and even of self-destruction. They also say that now this green "monster" have been increasingly exposed to children faced with lack of understanding of parents, peers and teachers. In the Tibetan philosophy of melancholy called not just green and brown-green or dark green, due to the strong negative charge of energy, which is fraught with feeling. Some experts attributed the temporary influxes of melancholy to the influence of the planets, for example Monday - a day of the Moon Tuesday - Mars, etc.

To get rid of boredom Tibetan monk recommended to wash hair raster motherwort or mugwort, which is popularly referred to as "God's tree".

How to get rid of boredom

To get rid of painful melancholyfeelings, you need to diversify their leisure time, for example, start a new hobby, to expand the circle of communication, etc. The main thing - not to withdraw into themselves, not to be alone with negative thoughts. Representatives of non-traditional medicine to get rid of depression, recommends eating poppy spoon or drink a tincture of nettles or field horsetail. But a truly "green" day is Friday, which is subject to Mercury. On this day, it is recommended to mentally send all love to look at emeralds, green grass and leaves to prevent the anguish no chance.

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