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Why would a man long hair

The strength lies in their hair

Men are not fewer women look after their appearance, image. Experimenting with hair - a frequent phenomenon.

Long hair can not be called exotic, they look like something everyday.

Symptom aristocratic spirit

In Russia, in Europe, Asia and America menThey wore their hair long, and no one saw it not feminine. Later, we entered wearing wigs in fashion, and then the men had short hair cut for your convenience. After two centuries, wigs have sunk into oblivion, and short haircuts have found their niche. But this habit hand, people of creative professions: artists, philosophers, scientists, writers. Long hair was a sign of the aristocratic spirit. And ordinary people felt ugly fact that contrary to the views of the public, including long hair, mustache and beard.

Once the current engendered during the hippie fashion for long hair. All men are considered equal. A luxury hair, guitar - is a sign of freedom.

The strength in her hair

Some representatives of the stronger sex is considered,that their strength lies in their hair. A similar story is already familiar with the story of humanity by once lived a man named Samson. His long hair had a greater effect. And having lost them, he could not resist the enemies. Men with long hair in such a way himself feel more confident, more free. And the company is now quietly respond to this phenomenon.

Attract attention

There are women who pay attentionfirst of all to the hairstyle. Thick, well maintained and certainly long hair can not capture the heart of a lady. All their idea of ​​masculinity and different opinions about what should look like a real man. Hair length can tell you about the inner world. Men who grow their hair, protest against stereotypes. So they say they are not going to follow the will of the people and want to be out of the public system. They need to stand out from the crowd. A goal each pursuing different. Probably want a way to assert themselves or to attract the attention of women.

Men - modeling business representatives prefer to wear long hair. Because they can be laid in various ways, combed and thus change their way every day.

According to psychologists

According to psychologists, under the long hair sometimeshide uncertainty pretense. Such men are capricious and infantile. They have no relation to the exact sciences, their path - creativity. Men may find themselves in the role of a writer, musician, designer, actor. Sometimes the habit of walking around with long hair originates from childhood. Parents, for some reason, do not cut short his child. The boys are getting used to her reflection in the mirror, and it is difficult to decide on fundamental changes as an adult.

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