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Why men long hair


Strength lies in the hair</a>

Men no less than women follow their appearance, image. Experiments with a hairdo - a frequent phenomenon.

Long hair can no longer be called exotic, they look like something ordinary.

A sign of aristocratic spirit

In Russia, in Europe, Asia and America, menThey wore long hair, and no one in this saw the feminine. Later, wearing wigs was introduced into fashion, and then men had to short hair for their convenience. Two centuries later, wigs went into oblivion, and short haircuts took their place. But people of creative professions shunned this habit: musicians, philosophers, scientists, writers. Long hair was a sign of aristocratic spirit. And ordinary people considered ugly what was contrary to public opinion, including long hair, a mustache and a beard.

The once-current flow of the hippie has spawned fashion for long hair. All people were considered equal. A luxurious hair, a guitar is a sign of freedom.

Strength in the hair

Some representatives of the stronger sex believe,That their strength lies in their hair. A similar story is already familiar to mankind by the story of a once-lived man named Samson. His long hair was of great strength. And having lost them, he could not resist the enemies. Men with long hair in this way feel more confident and free. And society is now calmly reacting to such a phenomenon.

Attract attention

There are women who pay attentionFirst thing for a hairstyle. Thick, well-groomed and necessarily long hair can captivate the heart of not just one lady. Everyone has his own idea of ​​masculinity and a different opinion about how a real man should look. Hair length can tell about the inner world. Men who grow hair express protest against stereotypes. So they declare that they are not going to follow the people's will and want to be outside the public system. They need to stand out from the crowd. A goal each pursues a different. Probably, they want to assert themselves in this way or attract the attention of women.

Men - representatives of the modeling business prefer to wear long hair. Because they can be stacked differently, combed and thus change their image every day.

Opinion of psychologists

According to psychologists, under long hair sometimesHiding uncertainty, pretense. Such men are capricious and infantile. They have nothing to do with exact sciences, their path is creativity. Men can find themselves in the role of a writer, musician, designer, actor. It happens that the habit of walking with long hair originates from childhood. Parents for some reason do not cut their child short. Boys get used to their reflection in the mirror and it is difficult for them to decide on drastic changes, already being an adult.

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