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Why women talk a lot by phone

Why women talk a lot by phone

It has long been observed that women love to talk, and not only in person but also on the phone. The men did not stop to wonder: how many topics of conversation?

And why do you need it for hours "hangs" on the phone?

What meet the girls

If you ask the girls about why they are solike to chat with friends, you can hear a variety of answers. Some wittily remarked that they just have something to say to each other, while others joked that the girls but less play computer games. However, none of them would argue that the beautiful ladies are paying communicate on the phone a lot more time than men.
Communication - an important part of human life. Psychologists have proved that women are much more emotional man, so they attach more importance to communication. Whatever happens: when the machine is not well washed, especially coffee in the morning was delicious and the child in the first deuce diary - all this needs to be discussed! The girls tell each other about happy and sad moments, share their problems. At the same time, a friend and would never advise one another, how to deal with a certain situation: the main thing here emotional empathy, and not the solution to the problem.
Talk enables the girls to relax, thoughsaying they are a complete nonsense. Also, phone calls save them when a catastrophic lack of communication. For example, many young mothers is chatter on the phone compensate for the lack of communication and forced sitting at home with the baby.

Explanation scientists

Scientists, psychologists, who are happyexplore every aspect of human life, we could not ignore this question, as the love of women to the telephone communication. The results showed the following.
In women, there are two spoken center in the brain: and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, they are able to conduct a business conversation and "chatter", splashing emotions. In men, the Center Elementary usually only one, and it is in the logic of the brain. Therefore, they absolutely do not understand why you need so much talk on the phone. For such a division responsible sexual hormones that contribute to the development of speech centers for women, but for men, it turned out that testosterone just blocks brain cells responsible for conversational skills.
Studies have shown that women, on average,day recite about 20 thousand words, in contrast to men, who barely "cope" with 5-7 thousand words at the same time. A rare woman talking on the phone less than 20 minutes a day.
Psychologists even believe that women oftensay just to hear your voice and speak out, it is not so worrying about whether they will hear. They also found that men are not able to maintain focus when they have to listen to a woman more than 45 minutes. So, ladies, if you want to speak with a man seriously, try to express their thoughts as much as possible, and particularly dry and without preamble. Otherwise, you risk to miss the attention of the interlocutor, which will be difficult to restore.

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