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WHY the girls talk a lot on the phone


Why do girls talk a lot on the phone?</a>

It has long been noted that girls like to talk, and not only with personal communication, but also on the phone. Men do not cease to be surprised: where so many topics for conversation?

And why do you need this, for hours on the phone?

What do the girls themselves answer?

If you ask the girls about why they are soLike chatting with friends, you can hear the most different answers. Some wittyly notice that they just have something to say to each other, and others will laugh that girls are playing less computer games. Nevertheless, none of them will argue that beautiful ladies spend much more time on the phone than men.
Communication is an important part of a person's life. Psychologists have proved that women are much more emotional than men, so they give more importance to communication. Whatever happens: the car in the service was not washed well enough, the coffee was especially tasty in the morning or the child has the first two in his diary - all this must be discussed! Girls tell each other about happy and sad moments, share problems. At the same time, friends do not even come to mind advising one another how to cope with a certain situation: the main thing here is emotional empathy, and not at all a solution to the problem.
The conversation allows the girls to relax, althoughThey can talk about utter nonsense. Also, conversations on the phone save them when there is a catastrophic lack of communication. For example, many young mothers just chatter on the phone to compensate for the lack of communication and forced sitting at home with the baby.

Explanation of scientists

Scientists-psychologists who with pleasureExamine every aspect of human life, could not ignore the issue of how women love to communicate by phone. The result was as follows.
Women have two talking centers in the brain: And in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, they are able to both conduct business conversations, and "chat", splashing out emotions. In men, the talking center is usually only one, and it is in the logical part of the brain. Therefore, they categorically do not understand why you need to communicate so much on the phone. For this division, sexual hormones are responsible, which promote the development of speech centers in women, but in men, as it turned out, testosterone blocks the brain cells responsible for speaking skills.
Studies have shown that women, on average,The day is spoken about 20 thousand words, unlike men who hardly "manage" with 5-7 thousand words for the same time. A rare woman talks on the phone less than 20 minutes a day.
Psychologists even believe that often girlsSpeak only to hear your voice and speak, no longer caring about whether they will hear. They also determined that men are not able to stay focused when they have to listen to a woman for more than 45 minutes. Therefore, dear ladies, if you want to talk to a man seriously, try to express your thoughts as dryly and specifically and without preamble. Otherwise, you risk missing the attention of the interlocutor, which will not be easy to recover.

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