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WHY at break the leg swells up


Why does my leg swell up?</a>

Edema is the accumulation of watery fluid in the tissues of the body, as a result of which this place swells.

Swelling of the leg after a fracture is considered normal, because as a result of the trauma, the total blood flow and the natural outflow of lymph are disrupted.

Causes of foot edema in fracture

Continuous exchange between tissue fluid andBlood occurs through the capillaries (small blood vessels). The ingress of fluid into the surrounding tissue through the walls of blood vessels is called "transudation". If a significant amount of liquid is released from the vessels into the surrounding tissue, and its reverse absorption is difficult or stopped, edema appears. The cause of the reverse absorption of fluid into the blood are damage to ligaments, muscles and other tissues, a violation of their normal functioning as a result of fractures. Most often, swelling in the fracture site does not occur immediately, it has an increasing character and spreads only in the area of ​​the damaged area. With intraarticular, comminuted fractures of the legs, injuries with displacements, the tumor can also spread to the entire limb. Such injuries are accompanied by a loss of tissue sensitivity, severe limitations of movement, painful sensations.

Edema is always accompanied by pain in the place of fracture, a change in skin color.

In some cases, in the rehabilitation processPatient after the removal of gypsum observed edema of the foot. A similar phenomenon is called "lymphostasis". It is caused by imbalance in the formation of lymph and its outflow. Lymphostasis can also occur with a fracture of the leg, if the injury is accompanied by damage to the blood vessels and lymph nodes. In addition to densifying the tissues, in this case there is also a thickening of the skin. Lymphatic edema can lead to a number of complications (ulcers, elephantiasis, fibrosis, cystosis). The leg swells after fracture and after receiving serious injuries of special severity. Such fractures can be open, they are accompanied by stretching or ligament damage. As a result of damage, joints swell, edema becomes a special value.

If the recommendations of the doctor are not observed, edema is preserved even after the adhesion of the bone.

How to eliminate leg edema in a fracture

Edema of the leg after fracture is eliminated by variousProcedures and preparations. Patient prescribed ointments and gels, improving lymph flow and blood flow (heparin-containing drugs, ketoprofenoderzhaschie funds, anti-inflammatory drugs). Physiotherapeutic procedures (UV irradiation, electrophoresis, electrostimulation) will be useful. To remove leg swelling, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, you can rub cedar oil, fir or calendula tincture, bitter wormwood, arnica, compress from clay into a swollen place.

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