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Why Wikipedia is raising money to exist

Well-known online resource lives off charity

"Wikipedia" belongs to the non-profitorganization Wikimedia Foundation, which was founded for project management designed for team development. Since the organization with the rights of the owner, not a commercial, all the investments spent on maintaining site performance.

Money for its contents come from donations.

Unlike many other usersites, "Wikipedia" does not place any advertising. The fact that the site is designed for global collective cooperation, and advertising it would be deprived of his life and some of the articles of neutral color. Website develop end users, and this reputation is not compatible with commerce.
The idea of ​​a mass social organizationIt is contained in the resource name. The root of "wiki" means a site or Web resource that can be modified by any of its visitors. This is a free open encyclopedia source, developed by the collective labor.

Where the money goes

On the maintenance of the site requires a lot ofmeans. This includes salaries for staff, the cost of office space on a server, data processing performance, or, in other words, the power of the site, the software.

How come the means to share content

Most of the donations "Wikipedia" receivesthrough the Internet. Each year, the organization hosts several fundraising. Usually they take place 3-4 times a year. They capture the media and user donations. Financial assistance can be rendered via PayPal, credit card, but the "Wikipedia" also accept checks, government securities and bank transfers.
The organization prefers donations from users. Nevertheless, the "Wikipedia" is the sponsor, and she received a small number of grants.

The "Wikipedia" 10 major sponsors, including the company Stanton Foundation, aid programs Google Matching Gifts and Microsoft Matching Gifts.

Owner online resource is a clear policy with respect to costs, as the core values ​​of the organization are neutrality and cooperation.
Although the lion's share of donations come inonline, "Wikipedia" arranges charity events as part of the fundraising campaign. Sometimes the "Wikipedia" is supported, providing free technical support, namely, server, hosting, and power consumption.

Learn detailed information about the possibilities of donations is possible on site Wikipedia.org.

For that "Wikipedia" does not take money

"Wikipedia" does not pay for itself on the articlesite, as users write them for free. Many basic functions of "Wikipedia" are supported through the volunteer work of specialists who provide technical support free of charge. This operation is controlled by special volunteer committees.

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