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WHY Wikipedia was called Wikipedia?


Why was Wikipedia called Wikipedia?</a>

Wikipedia was called Wikipedia for displayThe main principle and characteristics of this project. "Wiki" means a special format for the functioning of a website, in which its users can modify the content themselves, the "pedia" structure simply translates as "learning".

The nature of the name of Wikipedia isWidespread, but the answer to it is quite simple, because the word is divided into two parts. "Wiki" is a special format that uses certain sites in its work. This format assumes the availability of special tools, with the use of which users can easily modify the content of this resource without any difficulty, and change its structure. This principle is the main one in the activity of Wikipedia, it ensures its stable and rapid increase in the material.

Origin of the Wiki format

The described format of Wikipedia, a number ofOther projects appeared relatively recently, its origin is associated with the name of Ward Cunningham, who first used this formulation in 1995. The very word "Wiki" is borrowed from Hawaiian, in literal translation it means "fast". Wikipedia really filled with content very quickly, so at the initial stage of development, it overtook its predecessor Nupedia, which was previously considered the main project. In its current meaning, the Wiki format is characterized by the simplicity, speed of appearance of the changes introduced, the separation of content into named pages, and the absence of restrictions in the number of authors.

Origin of the word "Pedia"

The second part of the name of Wikipedia is simpleIs translated as "training". This creators of the project wanted to emphasize his encyclopedic nature, impartiality, lack of opportunities for expressing personal opinion, covering news or communication, which is not characteristic of a free encyclopedia. That's why most of Wikipedia's articles really differ in the dry encyclopedic style of the presentation of the material, despite the creation of content by different authors. This effect is achieved through the work of professional editors, who recycle, correct and supplement the materials written by volunteers. The described limitations of Wikipedia, which reflects its name, are carefully observed throughout the life of the project, any attempts to overcome these requirements are suppressed or lead to the creation of related resources that operate on the basis of their own principles and rules.

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