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WHY Wikipedia called Wikipedia?

Why Wikipedia called Wikipedia?

Wikipedia Wikipedia called to displaybasic principle and characteristics of the project. "Wiki" is a special format of the functioning web site, at which its users themselves can modify the contents, strukturu- "pediya" simply means "teaching."

The nature of Wikipedia is a namecommon, but the answer is quite simple, because the word is divided into two parts. "Wiki" is a special format that is used in their work certain sites. This format requires a special tool, using which the users without any difficulty can independently modify the content of the resource, changing its structure. This principle is the main activity in the Wikipedia, it provides a stable and increasing operational material.

Origin Wiki format

Wikipedia format described operation, a number ofother projects is relatively recent, it has been associated with the name of Ward Cunningham, who first used this formula in 1995. The word "wiki" is borrowed from the Hawaiian language, literally means "fast". Wikipedia actually filled with content very quickly, so in the early stages of development ahead of its predecessor Nupedia, which was considered to this major project. In its current value Wiki format is characterized by simplicity, rapidity appearance changes, the division of the content on the page named, the absence of limitations in the number of authors.

The origin of the word "Pediya"

The second part of the name of a Wikipediatranslated as "training". These creators of the project wanted to emphasize its encyclopedic character, impartiality, lack of opportunities for personal expression, communication or news coverage, which is not typical for the free encyclopedia. That is why most of Wikipedia articles is really different dry encyclopedic style of presentation, despite the creation of content by different authors. This effect is achieved through the work of professional editors that process, correct and supplement the materials written by volunteers. Described limitations of Wikipedia, which reflects its name, closely observed during the whole period of the project, any attempt to overcome these claims are stopped or lead to the creation of related resources, functioning on the basis of its own principles and rules.

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