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WHY whistles alternator belt

Why whistles alternator belt

"Good will knock out" - joking auto mechanics when they can not immediately determine the cause of abnormal noise in the machine.

But to endure, even in the cabin, as the shrill whistles under the hood, it is impossible.

Why can whistle, seemingly, a new alternator belt?

What is this belt

Alternator belt connects the vehicle generatorwith the engine crankshaft. During engine operation, when the shaft is rotated, its rotation is transmitted through this belt on the generator rotor. Generator, producing direct current, distributes it to all systems of the car and in the process is constantly charging the battery. In the case of belt impulse generator shuts down power supply system in need, including air conditioning, battery discharged soon, and the car loses its ability to move.

On some models (eg, in domesticcar) the same belt rotates the blades and the engine cooling fan. Therefore, the belt gust fraught with even momentary overheating and boiling of the coolant.

From the whistle?

If you are sitting in the cabin, you hear while drivingThin one-note squeak or whistle, the more likely it is whistling a generator belt. The belt passes through the pulleys, impaled on the motor shaft and the generator. The belt is made of synthetic material, metal pulleys. Their contact at the time of the slip and cause a kind of non-metallic sound.

Why whistles and what to do

The first thing that comes to mind when the whistlebelt, his extreme deterioration. Yes, that's probable cause. Razlohmachenny, he can whistle while rotating. In this case the belt should be replaced immediately. A little more and he would burst.

Always keep a spare in the trunk beltGenerator manufacturer consent you. Acquired forced or someone proposed in hopeless minute belt may simply not be suitable for your car.

But the whistling may occur and it is suitablebelt. Most of all - it is weakened by its tension, causing the belt starts to slip and issue the whistle. Tension the belt by loosening the fixing nut and pushing generator. On some cars it is done with the help of a tension roller.

If necessary the tension can not be achieved, then the belt has stretched to the limit and it should be changed.

Finally, the reason for the whistle can bespinning of the belt as a result of contact with the pulleys oil, antifreeze and other fluids. Carefully wipe the belt and pulleys and eliminate the possibility of contamination by foreign substances.

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