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WHY whales silent

Killer whales in Alaska know how to be silent

For carnivorous species of whales that prey on mammals, silence - gold, because they catch their prey in the dark, listening to the voices and movements of marine animals.

Such, for example, killer whales, which are beginning to make sounds only after a successful hunt.

Not all whales are able to remain silent

It emits sounds of the dolphin
This species of whales inhabit the oceanwaters near the southeast Alaska and hunt mainly on porpoises and seals. Killer Whales come out to hunt in packs and can kill other whales and sharks. They rightly earned the reputation as a "sea wolves".
They can be divided into two main groups: those who hunt for salmon, and those whose prey are marine mammals.
These are two completely different types of whales. Fish-eating whales make sounds, click and submit to each other signals, using echolocation to find food. Fish are not able to distinguish between the echolocation sounds and do not hear the hunters.
But hunters mammals most often silent. The fact that the animals, which they track perfectly perceive sounds with which the whales communicate.

If whales all the time clicked, like other species of whales, their prey would hear and recognize these sounds as an alarm and managed to hide.

In the impenetrable ocean water without echolocation to navigate very difficult. So great hunters are forced to gather in flocks, eavesdrop and find prey by ear.

Typically, seals, males make loud noises when trying to attract a female. For these sounds killer whales easily and quickly identify the location of mammals.

When they attack animals, they usuallyIt is too large to deal with them alone. Just at this moment whale calls for help of another whale. Then one whale keeps caught prey, and the second of its torments.

Why people can not hear the whales

how to communicate with animals
The human ear is not designed to discriminatesounds under water. Therefore, people often seem whales silent creatures. But these underwater creatures very "talkative". Representatives of cetaceans communicate with each other using a variety of sounds. They emit clicks, scream and provide signals echolocation.
For people unable to hear these sounds, heIt requires a special device - a hydrophone. This device works on the same principle that the ear of a dolphin, underwater perceiving sounds as vibrations. Then, these signals are converted via electrical signal and are heard through headphones.
The most famous type of singing whales - humpback, who lives along the coasts of most oceans. At the same time sing only males, while females are silent.
Beluga is often called sea canaries for thesame reason. Blue whales fed the sounds that can be heard on very long distances and can be heard on thousands of kilometers. Killer whales and pilot whale emit high trills and whistles.
whale family representatives use some sounds for a variety of purposes: to attract the second half, the research area of ​​long-range navigation and hunting.

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