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WHY washing machine erases bad

Why washing machine erases bad

Sometimes there are cases when the washing machine is badly copes with its functions - on clothing stains remain, the white stuff turn gray.

So what could be the cause of deterioration of the quality of washing laundry in a washing machine.

A common cause of poor quality of washing in the washing machine

The reason for the poor quality of washing laundry frequentlyit is a detergent. Washing powder should be designed specifically for automatic washing machines. It should be written on the package. Equally important is the choice of tools manufacturer. If the washing machine can not cope with otstiryvaniya things may change powder manufacturer will solve the problem.
Another common cause of poor washing in the machine -Use the wrong amount of detergent. Manufacturers of detergents indicated on the packaging of the optimal dose for use of laundry. If this dose is not followed, the result may disappoint you. Too low a dose will not allow good to stretch linen, and a large amount of powder will cause white spots and stains on the fabric.

In addition, when hard water is necessary to increase a little amount of detergent, and for soft water - on the contrary, to reduce it.

Carefully check whether you have correctly includedwashing mode. Did you wash things require a certain regime, along with other things. Also do not forget that there are spots that are not displayed by any powder. Things need to heavily soiled or pre-cleaned with a stain remover or dry cleaned.
White spots on the clothes may be formed anddue to prior zastiryvaniya things. For example, many housewives who want to bring grease stain, use dishwashing detergent. They uniformly applied it on the spot and sent clothes to the laundry with the further addition of a powder tray. As a result, a large amount of foam from detergent for dishes and white spots appear on things. This method can be used, but in front of the washing machine in the process of cleaning agent to be rinsed out of the fabric.
The culprit that things remain after washingdirty, it can be used to mold. Formed on the drum wall, it can eat into the fabric. So after each washing machine should be dry - keep the door ajar door.

Deficiencies in the washing machine, as the cause of the poor quality of washing

Bad things can be removed by talk aboutany shortcomings in the work of the washing machine. For example, in low-water heating significant pollution from the tissue surface is not deleted. If, however, broke down the heating element, which is responsible for compliance with the temperature washing mode, the water heating may be absent altogether.
In that case, if the water is heated, but after washing on things appear smudges and stains, may cause deterioration of the bearings of the drum, wherein the lubricant flows into the tank of the machine.

Getting on the clothes, worn bearings released washing machine lubrication leaves vague dark spots, which are then very difficult to remove.

To determine why the car washes badthings to look at how twisted the drum during washing. If it turns slightly or completely inactive, not to speak of good quality wash.
If you suspect that your washingthe car has any damage, you should promptly contact the customer service. Skilled craftsmen will diagnose, determine the cause, have a negative impact on the quality of washing, as well as produce the necessary repairs.
To washing machine lasts you a long time, coping well with its functions, observe the guidelines for its operation specified in the instructions for the product.

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