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WHY does the washing machine wash badly?


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Sometimes there are cases when the washing machine does not do well with its functions - there are stains on the clothes, white things become gray.

So, what could be the reasons for the deterioration in the quality of washing clothes in the washing machine.

The frequent reason for the poor quality of washing in the washing machine

The reason for the poor quality of washing clothes oftenIs a detergent. Washing powder should be designed specifically for automatic washing machines. This should be written on the package. Equally important is the choice of the manufacturer of the product. If the washing machine does not cope with the washing of the items, it may be that the change in the powder manufacturer will be the solution to the problem.
Another common cause of poor washing in the car -Use of detergent in the wrong amount. Manufacturers of washing powders indicate the optimal dose of use for washing. If this dose is not met, the result may disappoint you. Too small a dosage will not allow a good stretch of laundry, and a large volume of powder will lead to the appearance of white spots and stains on the fabric.

In addition, with hard water you need to increase the amount of detergent slightly, and with soft water - on the contrary, reduce it.

Carefully check to see if you've enabled it correctlyThe washing schedule. Perhaps you are erasing things that require a certain mode, along with other things. Also do not forget that there are spots that are not output by any powder. Things with strong dirt should be either pre-cleaned with stain removers, or given to dry cleaners.
White spots on clothing can form andDue to pre-wiping things up. For example, many housewives, wishing to withdraw a greasy stain, use a dishwashing detergent. They evenly put it on the stain and send clothes into the laundry with the additional addition of a powder in the tray. As a result, a large amount of foam forms from the detergent for the dishes and white spots appear on the things. This method can be used, but before the washing process in the machine detergent must be washed off the fabric.
The culprit is that things after washing remainDirty, can be ordinary mold. Formed on the walls of the drum, it can eat into the fabric. Therefore, after each wash, it is necessary to dry the machine - keep the door slightly open.

Disadvantages in the operation of the washing machine, as the reason for poor quality of washing

Poorly laundered things can talk aboutAny drawbacks of the washing machine. For example, with poor heating of water, significant contamination from the surface of the tissue is not removed. If the heating element is broken, which is responsible for observing the temperature regime of washing, heating of the water may be completely absent.
In the event that the water heats up, but after washing, stains and dirty stains appear on the things, the reason may be the wear of the drum bearings, in which the lubricant flows into the tank of the machine.

Getting on clothes, allocated by the worn bearings of the washing machine, the grease leaves blurry dark spots, which are then very difficult to remove.

To determine why the machine does not wash properlyThings, take a look at how the drum rotates during washing. If it turns slightly or does not work at all, it's not necessary to talk about the good quality of washing.
If you assume that in your washingThe machine has some kind of failure, you should contact the customer service in time. Skilled masters will conduct diagnostics, determine the cause, which has a negative impact on the quality of washing, and will also make the necessary repairs.
To ensure that the washing machine has lasted for a long time, coping well with its functions, follow the recommendations for its use, specified in the product manual.

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