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WHY there is an increased gas formation


Why there is increased gas formation</a>

Increased gas formation (flatulence) is one of the symptoms of most gastrointestinal diseases. Long men often suffer from flatulence, and women over 50 years old.

An episodic increase in gas production appears in healthy people with errors in the diet.

Causes of increased gas production in the intestine

Normally, the intestine contains about 200 ml of gas,Formed mainly as a result of the activity of microorganisms. However, any person can experience physical and emotional discomfort from increased gas production from time to time. The causes of flatulence lie in the individual properties of the body, the most important of them is ingestion of air in the process of ingestion of food or water.
Rapid swallowing of insufficiently chewedLarge chunks of food increases the volume of the gas bubble, so flatulence is guaranteed for amateurs to talk during meals, as well as smokers, if they smoke for food. To reduce the risk of increased gas production, you should not restrain the eructation, as it ensures the release of air, got by eating into the stomach.

The gas bubble is filled with gases present in the atmosphere: oxygen and nitrogen.

Strongly puchit belly can in patients sufferingChronic nasopharyngeal diseases, recurrent colds, and unnecessarily restless people in anxiety, as they are located to unconscious swallowing of food. If the relationship between the formation of gases and their removal is disturbed, an excessive accumulation of gas foam in the intestine is created, which is formed by foaming agents: proteins, fats, bile acids and other organic substances. Consequently, the more violated the norms of digestion and assimilation of food, the more in the intestine is formed by gases and foams.

Other causes of flatulence

Flatulence also appears for other reasons: In newborns from the first days of life - due to an imperfect digestive system, in the elderly - due to a violation of the glands function, age lengthening of the bowel, muscle atrophy, etc. Mechanical flatulence develops due to disorders that interfere with intestinal functions: postoperative adhesions, narrowing of the intestine (stenosis), tumors. Alimentary flatulence occurs due to the consumption of gas-producing products: carbonated drinks, kvass, beer, black bread, beans, peas, onions, cabbage, bran, any whole grain, milk, dairy products, lamb, raisins, apples, pears, peaches.

The norm is the release of gas through the rectum in healthy people in a volume of at least 600 ml.

Dysbiotic flatulence is a consequence ofDisturbance of the intestinal microflora due to its excess in the small intestine. As a result, food splits only in the upper parts of the intestine, and a lot of gases are released. In the lower parts of the digestive tract, food wanders and rot, this is accompanied by excessive release of gas.

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