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The tread pattern on the car coverIt has 4 main types: asymmetrical non-directional, asymmetrical pattern with directional, omni-directional and symmetrical, respectively, symmetric with a directional pattern.

Each type of pattern on the wheels has its pluses and minuses.

It depends on the kind and rate drive, the driver who prefers, as well as the vehicle itself.

Symmetrical pattern

At the wheel with symmetrical directional patternI never have any problems with the installation and replacement, as the direction of rotation is not important, and the wheel is placed on any axis and place. They are relatively inexpensive and qualitative. Many cars from the passenger compartment immediately equipped with such tires tread. If your car is not designed for very high speed and you do not like sudden maneuvers at speed of 150 km / h, these wheels the best option. These tires are universal for the majority of small inexpensive cars, which do not need the expensive tires.

Tires first car resembled bicycle - had a very small width and height profile.

Non-directional pattern is designed to contrastcoatings, for example, wet asphalt - dry asphalt, since the inner part of the wheel tread is responsible for braking on wet road, and the outer part of the surface is dry. Figure looks glued two. Installation should take into account the manufacturer's instructions, which is taking care of safety products, puts a special mark, usually on the outside of the wheel. Incorrect installation can cause damage to the wheels and get in a serious accident.
Relatively recently appeared on the market with a directional tire rotation, which were once very popular, although the price has jumped significantly.

Asymmetric pattern

It is much more common type of directional pattern. In these wheels have special channels through which the water is squeezed out when the vehicle is moving at the moment of contact of the tire with the road. They have the name of the appropriate - "rain protectors." On the crude way in their task they cope perfectly, but in the dry characteristics deteriorate as channels for the removal of water reduces the contact area with the road. The rules of the road clearly marked point about the installation of the wheels, as when the wrong direction of rotation of the water accumulated in the center of the tread and the water creates a wedge, so-called "aquaplaning", even at slow speeds.

Hydroplaning of tires - a phenomenon in whichwheels (tires) the vehicle lose contact with the road, and instead of a hard road under the wheels of the finest film of water is formed, and on which slides the car.

The most expensive are aimedasymmetrical patterns on the tread. These wheels require special conditions and technologies in the production of rubber, because of this price differs from the other species. They are usually put on sports cars or premium cars. The essence lies in the fact that the inner part of the wheel provides grip and the outer tread cleans water, snow and mud. Installation of wheels requires to take into account the direction of rotation and the axis of the car.

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