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WHY the child lies and how to determine it


Why a child lies and how to determine it</a>

Many children like to lie, invent or embellish stories. The reasons for which they lie may be several.

Let's name four basic, and then we will try to determine the signs of lies.



A child can deceive you because of lack of attention and love. If you work too much, and you raise a child's education to your grandparents, you get very good stories.


The desire for embellishment and lies is manifested inChildren suffering from chronic diseases or who have undergone diseases and surgeries. Such a child skillfully draws a parallel between lies and illness, because during the illness they take care of him.


Children lie to get a reward or escape punishment. For example, a child can say that he brushed his teeth or that he went into the room, although he did not do it.


There are children who fantasize and embellishReality in order to diversify a boring reality for itself. In this case, the child should not be punished, because such fantasies contribute to the development of the imagination.


If you ask a child a question, and he repeats the last phrase for you, know that the child is lying. By this repetition, he wins time for a plausible answer.


If a child during a conversation looks away or even avoids eye contact, he is hiding something from you.


If the child instantly changes the facial expression, then it hides from you the true emotions.


If your baby does any uncontrolled or involuntary gestures (scratching his nose, eyebrows, fingering buttons or scratching his neck), he worries.

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