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WHY aching teeth from cold and hot

Why aching teeth from cold and hot

Pain in the teeth when consuming hot and cold food - a fairly common phenomenon.

If discomfort is felt for a long time, it makes no sense to postpone the visit to the dentist in a long box.

Causes of aching teeth

Many people mistakenly believe that the teeth react tohot and cold food because microcracks. This is true, but only partly. Microcracks themselves do not increase the sensitivity of the teeth, they contribute to their rapid destruction, that is precisely the cause of aches. Microcracks appear due to abuse too acidic or solid foods, carbonated beverages, seeds, nuts. An important role in the appearance of the defect plays a nail-biting, and excessive enthusiasm whitening pastes.
The teeth respond to hot and cold food,likely ill. This can be caries or periodontal disease, because she does not have the enamel sensitivity. Sometimes the notice without special tools it is not possible, the darkening of the enamel caries with a very small and can only see his dentist.

Remember, you need to visit the dentist twice a year for prevention.

Problems can occur with the teeth and becauseimproper oral care. Do not get too often to use a stiff brush, as well as to resort to bleaching procedures. The last significant increase tooth sensitivity. Under the effect of bleaching agents tooth enamel becomes thinner, which is not very good. To select a toothpaste consult with your dentist, as the tooth enamel everyone has individual characteristics.
Bare neck of the tooth - even one of the reasonsappearance of ache in the teeth when eating. This is a fairly common disease of the oral cavity. Typically, the exposure of the cervix is ​​due to the consumption of fizzy drinks, using too stiff brush. If you already have tooth is bare neck, try to eliminate from the diet of all the junk food, as well as use other toothpaste and toothbrushes. You can then turn to the dentist, the doctor will help you get rid of visible defects.

If you still get sick teeth

When your teeth are already sick, we must turn todentist to find out the exact cause of the pain. Do not make hasty conclusions himself. Once you are prescribed a course of treatment, do not forget about prevention against the teeth. Change a soft brush, despite the fact that the process is delayed teeth scrapers time, efficiency will increase by several times. Only use a good toothpaste, which will advise the dentist. It is advisable to use a paste of therapeutic lines. Do not forget to rinse your mouth with a special compound, after meals and at night.

To prevent dental disease to rinse your mouth with warm water after each use of food - this will help you get rid of a large amount of bacteria.

Reduce the consumption of citrus fruits, as well astoo sweet, any other food that makes your teeth ache. Products, which tend to remain on the teeth, for example toffee candy not eat at all. Any hot or too cold food is better not to eat until they are cured.
If you are still served cold dish and youI have to eat it, so as not to offend the host, eat small portions, just over a quarter of a teaspoon. Avoid chewing ice cream. Recommend anything with regards to hot meals difficult. Before starting to use you can try to cool down the hot dish on the old-fashioned way - to blow on it.

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