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WHY the @ icon is called a dog


Why the @ icon is called a dog</a>

On the Internet, the @ symbol is used as a link between the user name and the domain name that separates them into the syntax of the email address.

In February 2004, the International UnionTelecommunications introduced a new code in the Morse code for the @ symbol. It was introduced for the convenience of sending electronic addresses and combines the Latin letters A and C. This fact proves the importance of the symbol.

The history of the appearance of the @

The history of the appearance of the @ symbol does not beginLater the XV century. So, according to one of the hypotheses, in the documents of the fifteenth-century merchants there is such a mention as "the price of one A wine", where A, possibly, denotes an amphora. At the same time this letter, according to the traditions of those times, was decorated with curls and looked like @. According to another version, the @ sign was invented by medieval priests for the abbreviation of the Latin word ad, used as a universal expression denoting the prepositions "on", "in" and the like. In Spanish, French and Portuguese, the origin of the symbol is associated with the word "arroba" - a medieval measure of weight, which in abbreviated form was denoted by the @ symbol.
The modern official name of the symbol -"Commercial at". This is due to the fact that one of the meanings of the word at is the preposition "on". And the phrase itself comes from commercial accounts, for example, 5 newspapers @ 3 dollars or 80 shares @ 60 cents. In connection with the wide application of this symbol in business, it was placed on the keyboards of typewriters, from which they moved to computers.
The progenitor of this symbol on the Internet isEmail developer Ray Tomlinson. It was this person who chose the icon, which now appears in all e-mail addresses. When asked why he chose this particular designation, he replied: "I was looking for a symbol on the keyboard that could not be found in any of the names and, therefore, would not cause confusion." The symbol @ was useful to Tomlinson at the time when he began work on the Arpanet network - the predecessor of the modern Internet. His task was to come up with a new addressing system that identified not only users, but also the computers on which their mailboxes are located. For this, the developer needed a separator, and the choice was made in favor of the @ sign. The first address in the network was Tomlinson's mail tomlinson @ bbn-tenexa.

Why exactly "dog"?

There are several versions of the origin of thisthe words. The first and most banal - the icon, in fact, looks like a coiled dog. The second - the sound of English at slightly resembles the dog's intermittent barking. Another one of the versions in the @ sign, you can see all the letters that are included in the word "dog". There is also a romantic version, according to which, the name "dog" has migrated from the old computer game Adventure. The meaning of the quest was a journey through a fictional computer labyrinth, which was drawn with the symbols "+", "-" and "!", And the monsters opposing the player were denoted by letters. And according to the plot of the game the player had a loyal assistant - a dog, which, of course, was denoted by the @ symbol. However, to find out whether this was the root cause of the generally accepted name or the game appeared after the word "dog" has already become established, it is not possible.

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