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WHY swollen eyelids

Why swollen eyelids

Eyelid edema occurs due to accumulation of fluid in their tissues. Reasons for swollen eyelids, may be different.

Edema, which are inflammatory in nature,accompanied by redness of the eyelid, increased skin temperature at sites of inflammation, itching, burning, soreness when pressure on the swollen areas of age and so forth. All of these symptoms say anything about local diseases or allergies.

Noninflammatory swelling is not painful, talk about common problems of the body, often signaling a kidney or cardiovascular system.

Excess water in the body

If swelling of the eyelids is not continuousand is accompanied by severe swelling of other body parts, so called swelling with excess water in the body due to improper eating or liquid. This may be the abuse of alcohol, ingestion of excessive amounts of salty foods, too much fluid you drink, especially before bedtime. Such swelling of eyelids go away pretty soon and stop worrying, if we abandon the aforementioned excesses.
Swelling of the eyelids, which is permanent andaccompanied by swelling throughout the body, and hypertension indicates isotonic gipergidratsiyu caused by diseases such as heart or kidney failure, cirrhosis of the liver.


The cause swelling of eyelids can become colds. At a cold, sore throat may vasodilatation eye membranes, resulting in inflammation of the eyelids becomes.

insect bite

If insect bites swelling of eyelids can bepainless, and can be accompanied by itching and heat the site of inflammation. In any case, there is redness and eyelid necessarily remain the bite as a point or small bulge palely.


Allergies can be caused by contact with eyestoxic substances or individual intolerance to cosmetics. When allergy eyelids swell and redden, appears watery, there is itching, burning or dry eyes.


Painful swelling of the lid margin redness andIt may be caused by the occurrence of barley. At the initial stage of the disease at the edge of the century or the century by the conjunctiva appears painful point, and then around it there is inflammation, redness of the conjunctiva century. In place of the point it begins to develop festering sore that is revealed over time.


When swollen eyelids, and covered at the baseblond eyelashes small scales, itching, heaviness eyelids, eyelashes begin to fall - all these symptoms point to blepharitis. At the same time the eyes begin to tire quickly and become very sensitive. In severe cases, the edges of the eyelids are formed ulcers, which, when scarring can result in abnormal growth of eyelashes and eyelids strain. With blepharitis scales and sores may or may not occur. Then the lid margin will appear red, swollen and moist. When pressed on the lid is released oily liquid.

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