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Wooden windows</a>

The reasons for the fact that the wooden windows sweat very much.

You can get rid of such a defect in several ways. The main thing is to correctly identify the cause.

If the window is made of poor-quality material or with technology violations, then this design will have to be changed, referring to the claim to the firm engaged in the implementation of these goods.



The most common reason thatWooden windows start to sweat - sharp contrasts of temperature inside and outside of the room. For example, if there are freezing on the street, and you cook several dishes on the stove at the same time, it is unlikely that you will avoid condensation. The only way out of this situation is a more frequent airing of the apartment.


The cause of condensation can be consideredThe very construction of the frame. Modern wooden windows are made in a similar way with plastic varieties. The presence of the smallest gaps between the double-glazed windows or in the wooden material is completely excluded. When heat from radiators hits the glass, especially in cold outdoor conditions, moisture accumulation and condensation occur. The only way to eliminate this effect is to use special battery covers or replace the sill with a wider design.


An important role is played not only by the quality of materials,Of which a wooden window is made, but also the skill level of the specialists who installed the structure. Even the slightest mistakes during installation can cause not only the condensation on the panes, but also quick breakage of the accessories. Claims in this case are better presented to the manufacturer or the team that was engaged in installing the window.


If condensation appears on the wooden window,We must carefully inspect the structure. It is likely that the cause of the accumulation of moisture are cracks in the double-glazed windows or damage to any elements. Glass in wooden windows can be replaced and all breakages will be eliminated by specialists. Many defects can not be noticed in the summer, but with the onset of cold weather, all errors in the installation and work of the manufacturer become clear.

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