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Why sweat wooden windows

Wooden windows

The reason that wooden windows are sweating a lot.

Get rid of this defect in several ways. The main thing - to identify the cause of right.

If the window is made of poor quality materials or technologies violations, then such a structure will have to change, addressing with a claim to the company, engaged in selling these goods.



The most common reason thatwooden windows start to sweat - sharp contrasts of temperature indoors and outside. For example, if the street freezing, and you are cooking on the stove a few dishes at a time, to avoid condensation is unlikely to happen. The only way out of this situation - more frequent airing of the apartment.


The cause of the condensate can be consideredthe very structure of the frame. Modern wooden windows are made in a similar manner with plastic varieties. The presence of the smallest gaps between fiberglass or wooden material is completely excluded. After contact with the heat from the radiator on the glass, especially at cold outdoor conditions, there is an accumulation of moisture and condensation can form. The only way to eliminate this effect - to use special pads on the battery or replacing the sill to a wider design.


An important role is played not only the quality of the materials,which make up a wooden box, and the skill level of professionals who set design. Even the slightest error during installation can cause not only the occurrence of condensation on the windows, but also the rapid breakdown of accessories. Claims in this case it is better to present to the manufacturer or the brigade, which engaged in installing windows.


If condensation occurs on the wooden box,it is necessary to examine the structure carefully. It is likely that the cause of accumulation of moisture are cracks in glass, or damage to any items. The glass in wooden windows can be replaced and all the experts eliminate breakage. Many defects can not be noticed in the summer, but with the onset of cold weather all installation errors and the work of the manufacturer become visible.

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