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WHY strong frost refrigerator

Why is a strong frost refrigerator

Refrigerator - one of the most important things in the kitchen.

The ability to safely store perishable foods facilitates modern people's lives.

But sometimes this important unit starts to work too hard.

Unpleasant failure

The most common fault is occurringduring operation of refrigerators, - surprisingly low temperature. Moreover, its controller may be at a minimum, but in spite of this back wall is covered with ice or snow, and the products are transformed into blocks of colored ice. For these phenomena, there are several possible causes.
The first - from your refrigerator broke down the thermostat. This is the main component of any refrigerator is a device with a relay device, which is responsible for maintaining a constant temperature, it also prevents the occurrence of snow on the walls. If the thermostat relay is broken, the controller works out of time, significantly lowering the temperature. The relay can be damaged due to mechanical damage or banal penetration of moisture into the electrical connection of the thermostat. Repair Specialists usually check the status of the thermostat, change its parts or the entire device.
The second reason - refrigerant leakage. The main component of the refrigerator cooling - freon. This gas can evaporate due to the appearance of cracks in the cooling circuit. This can lead to the fact that the refrigerator will be a strong frost and refuse to shut down. Specialists determine the leak of Freon, or replace the sealed equipment.

If your refrigerator immediately demonstrates a complex fault, probably "fly" the electronic control unit. In this case, you should immediately call the service center.

The third option - clogged capillary tube,and that contains the refrigerant. These tubes are periodically become clogged, which substantially lowers the operating temperature. To resolve this problem, special equipment repairers clean clogged pipes, wires welding and filling activities, if necessary.

superzamorozki mode

Turning superzamorozki regime may lead tounpleasant consequences. In this case, it suffices to check the settings of your refrigerator and put it in the food storage mode, turning off the superzamorozki.

If your refrigerator hums badly, then it is not level. Try to change its position, it can reduce the noise level.

If your refrigerator as a whole workssatisfactory, keeping the temperature at a predetermined level, but continuously at the rear wall there is a layer of ice or snow, which means that the sealing unit is broken. Most likely, torn rubber seal on the door perimeter. You can try to seal the gap on their own, but it is better to cause a wizard that will replace this with a new rubber that is much more reliable.

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