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WHY strawberry tart

Why strawberry tart

Strawberry - it is one of the first berries, which pleases your taste of many children and adults after a long winter.

If your garden of strawberries not particularly distinguished sweetness, then you need to revise the care of her.

If the strawberry has a distinct sour taste,here in the first place should pay attention to the variety of berries are sour, sweet and sour-sweet varieties. If planted sour variety, then there is nothing you can do and you have to be content with sour berries: use them to make jams, fruit drinks or other things. If you planted a sweet variety, but the berries themselves acidic, then there is probably a reason - an incorrect watering. Excessive over-wetting the soil can not only significantly spoil the taste of strawberries, but also make it watery. To berries are sweet, water the plants no more than once a week, and if the long rains, in which case the grooves around the beds Dig a little deeper than they did previously.

Also, strawberries may be acidic due to the fact thatberries do not have enough light and heat. From the above we can conclude: make strawberry beds there, where most of the day penetrate the sun's rays. And if the weather is not happy warm days, the only way to get the sweet berries - to build a greenhouse for strawberries. It should be noted that this device will not only help significantly improve the taste of berries, but also to get a much higher yield. And the last reason why the strawberry tart - bushes are too old. In this case, the update will solve the problem and the bushes next year the plant will delight you with excellent yield.

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