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WHY longer included computer

Why no longer included computer

Problems at startup can occur for various reasons related to problems in the hardware or software.

Depending on this, you need to choose the appropriate method for troubleshooting.

Hardware issues

If you press the power button on the systemblock indicators are not included, and there are no audio signals are likely to have any problems in the hardware. Make sure that the pins on the back of the system unit connected all the devices, including the power cord. If everything is in order, but the computer still does not turn on, remove the side wall of the unit and check the fastening of internal loops, make sure that the components are not clogged with dust, the fans on the processor and graphics card are free to rotate.

If you have trouble determining the cause of a computer failure, do not try to fix anything by yourself. Tell your computer to diagnose the service center.

In that case, if the indicators light up, but youdo not see the image on the monitor may cause this are the problems with the latter. The monitor can burn or be incorrectly configured. Examine the manual that came with it, or consider replacing broken devices under warranty.

systemic problems

If you have any writing on the screen,but the absence of further loading, carefully read all the messages. Maybe there was a glitch in the program of the motherboard - BIOS. In this case, can help reset the BIOS settings to the original, about what can be learned from the manual to your computer or motherboard. Also try repeatedly press Del or F1.
In some cases it is necessary to set the settingsBIOS computer's hard disk as a primary device for download. If you can not identify the cause of the lack of a computer download, update the BIOS firmware to the service center or replace the motherboard.
If the computer starts to boot in the normalmode, but not boot the operating system may have failed in its configuration as a result of incorrect settings or exposure to these viruses. Try before downloading repeatedly press F8, and then try to start the system in safe mode.

Use boot from the installation disc of your operating system. In the present menu, select Restore or installation, depending on the nature of the fault.

Perform a system restore, boot into safe mode. Specify as a rollback point the date of the last normal state of the system. Also check the hard drive for viruses.

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