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Why does my belly ache in children?



When a child starts to have a stomach ache, many mothers are lost and do not know what to do.

What are the causes of abdominal pain, and is it worth it to feed the baby with medicines?



Gastritis. Pain in gastritis is located on the left side of the abdomen below the ribs. The pains are on an empty stomach and are constantly aching. The tongue is coated with a white coating, there may be nausea and vomiting. When these symptoms manifest, you should adjust the nutrition of your child. Eliminate salted, fried, smoked and canned. The menu should have milk soups. To confirm the diagnosis, consult a gastroenterologist.


Infection with worms. Pain occurs in the navel. Hand over the analysis of the feces of the child to the eggs of the worms and a general blood test. If any microorganisms are found, contact the parasitologist. He will prescribe a cure, and the pain will pass.


Constipation. Very often, with constipation, children experience abdominal pain. They are characterized by localization in the lateral areas of the trunk, where there is a large intestine. The pain disappears after the bowel has been emptied. Help in the constipation of your child will help yogurt, kefir and milk. Relaxing effects are raisins, prunes and dried apricots. Let's chew on their crumbs. Watch the water balance. The child should drink as much water as possible.


Hepatitis. The pain is localized in the right abdominal region, just below the liver. For the first time in days of pain, vomiting, eructations and heartburn may occur, the temperature may rise. After a week, the temperature drops, skin and mucous yellow. All hepatitis are treated in the hospital. After treatment, you must follow a diet that excludes fatty, smoked and salted.


If the abdominal pain is intolerable and abrupt, whileAccompanied by repeated vomiting and fever, it is necessary to call an ambulance and not engage in self-medication. Perhaps the child started appendicitis, developed an ulcer or pancreatitis.

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