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When a child starts to hurt the stomach, many mothers are lost and do not know what to do.

What reasons can cause abdominal pain, and whether to feed your baby medicine?



Gastritis. Pain in gastritis are located on the left side of the abdomen below the ribs. Pains come on an empty stomach and are constantly aching in nature. Language coated with white bloom, may be nausea and vomiting. If you notice any of these symptoms should be adjusted to your child's diet. Avoid salty, fried, smoked and canned. The menu should be milk soups. To confirm the diagnosis, consult a gastroenterologist.


Infection with worms. Pains occur in the navel. Hand over analyzes of a feces on eggs of worms of the child and the CBC. Upon detection of any micro-organisms contact parasitology. He prescribe treatment, and the pain will pass.


Constipation. Very often, children with constipation are experiencing abdominal pain. They are characterized by localization in the lateral areas of the body where there is the large intestine. Pain disappears after a bowel movement. Helping your child with constipation help yogurts, yogurt and milk. They have a laxative effect raisins, prunes and apricots. Let them chew their crumbs. Watch out for the water balance. The child should drink as much water as possible.


Hepatitis. Pain localized to the right abdomen just below the liver. The first days of pain may join vomiting, regurgitation and heartburn, can increase the temperature. A week later, the temperature drops, skin and mucous yellow. All hepatitis treated in a hospital. After the treatment you need to follow a diet that excludes fatty, smoked and salty.


If abdominal pain unbearable, sharp, withaccompanied by repeated vomiting and fever, you should call an ambulance and not to self-medicate. Perhaps the child began appendicitis, developed an ulcer or pancreatitis.

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