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WHY according to the statistics of married men less than married women


Why are married men less statistics than married women</a>

Statistics - a very interesting thing. Scientists and researchers constantly conduct a lot of polls, according to which they draw conclusions about certain facts.

One of the strangest statistics is that there are fewer married men than married ladies.

Paradoxes of demographic statistics

According to the conclusions of one of the most interesting andThe paradoxical results of statistical research in the field of demography conducted on the basis of the state census of the population, it follows that we have fewer married men than married women. Moreover, the data ratio gives a sufficiently large take-off - more than 4%. This conclusion causes a dual reaction - from bewilderment to irony. An attempt to clarify why such a discrepancy occurs reminds the solution of the problem "2 + 2 = 5", known to all from childhood. And, indeed, in this issue everything is not so unambiguous.
Of course, a more detailed study of thisIssue will reveal a number of very interesting facts that contribute to the formation of such paradoxical trends. The figures say that boys are born more than girls every year, and only after thirty years there is a shift in the ratio between women and men due to insurmountable circumstances (military duties, belonging to high-risk groups and other natural factors).
Having considered these statistical indicators, it can be assumed that the fundamental factor in this case should be the difference between the male and female mentality.

It's no secret that the same question, involving detailed explanations, a man and a woman will give radically different answers.

Difference of concepts

The realities of modern life show that the institutionMarriage has undergone significant changes, and apart from the usual official marriage, the notion of "civil marriage" takes place, the perception of which is different for a man and a woman.
Social services conducted a survey of the population"What is the institution of marriage in your understanding?". One of the key questions was: "If you are in a civil marriage, are you married / married?". What is surprising, almost all female audience answered this question positively, and more than half of the male respondents answered negatively. From which it can be concluded that living together with a man already allows a woman to designate their relationship as a family, while men do not consider them to be so, and are ready to recognize the relationship family only if they are officially registered and confirmed with a banal stamp in the passport.

It is this different understanding of marriage that gives interesting statistical results.

Probably, that's why a woman is always onThe instinctive level seeks to legitimize the relationship with the man, while the men are not in a hurry with the final decision, entering into an official marriage at a later age, thus prolonging the feeling of personal freedom.
Obviously, it is this discrepancy in the pragmatic worldview of men and the sentimental perception of events by women that is the clue to the paradox of the inequality of married men and women.

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