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Why start an adult cat shit on the bed

Why start an adult cat shit on the bed

Cats - an extremely sensitive creatures.

Sometimes, some changes in the environment or in the body forcing the animal to protest. And then the cat begins to express its unique way available to her - she starts to foul on the home side of things.

Why it happens and how to fight it?

As you know, the cat - a very neatanimals. Unfortunately, this statement is hardly agree to pet owners who have started to shit in the most unexpected places - such as on the bed - not as a kitten, and in conscious age. How to deal with these bad habits?

Why shits adult cat?

The most common reason that an adult cat"Forgets" about the location of the tray, and starts to spoil, anywhere - it's a pain. Most likely, the animal is experiencing suffering at the time of urination or defecation, and for some reason believes that the blame for the pain sensations it tray. In an effort to get rid of the pain, the cat tries to defecate elsewhere, often - on a cozy, soft and safe home side bed. The reason could be worms, constipation, or urolithiasis.
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It is possible that the cat no longer like himselftray, its smell or location. Owners should remember if they changed the detergent or filler for the tray. If the cat - not the only one in the house, it is possible that other animals are her tray, and so she avoids it.
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Cat, especially an elderly, ill orunder stress, can mark things of his master. This is especially true when it is a long time away from home. As labels cats use their bowel movements. It is for this reason that the cat can shit on the bed.
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What to do if a cat shit in the bed?

In fact, the cat - really clean animals and never shit where they eat. So you can put a bowl of food in those places where cat feces were detected earlier.
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The most logical would be to show the animal to the vetin order to prevent diseases embodiment. It is possible that you will need treatment from any organic disease, but the cat is healthy again and stops left in the wrong places, "aromatic" label.
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In addition, if you let your cat sleep on the master bed, then she can leave her own smell. In this case, she will not have the desire to mark master's bed and even their excrement.
If the cat is suffering due to start shittingstress, it is possible to buy a house in which no one will disturb the animal to her. Having at its disposal a shelter, the animal will feel more confident, and your stress level will decrease.

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