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WHY the adult cat started to shit on the bed


Why did an adult cat start shitting on the bed</a>

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures.

Sometimes, some changes in the environment or inside the body cause the animal to protest. And then the cat begins to express it in the only way available to her - she begins to shit on the things of the owners.

Why this happens and how to deal with it?

As you know, cats are extremely cleanAnimals. Unfortunately, the owners of animals, who started to foul in the most unexpected places - for example, on a bed - are not likely to agree with this statement, and not being a kitten, but already at a conscious age. How to deal with such harmful habits?

Why does an adult crap?

Most often the reason that an adult cat"Forgets" about where the tray is located, and begins to shit, wherever horrible - this is pain. Most likely, the animal experiences anguish at the time of urination or defecation and for some reason believes that it is the tray that is responsible for the pain sensations. Seeking to get rid of the pain, the cat tries to cope with the need in other places, often - on such a cozy, soft and safe bed of the owners. The cause may be worms, constipation or urolithiasis.
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It is possible that the cat has ceased to like himselfTray, its smell or location. The owners should remember if they have changed the detergent or filler for the tray. If the cat is not the only one in the house, then perhaps other animals use its tray, and therefore it avoids it.
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A cat, especially the elderly, ill orIn a state of stress, can mark the things of his master. Especially often it happens when he is not at home for a long time. As marks of a cat use the excrements. It is for this reason that the cat can shit on the bed.
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What if the cat catches the bed?

In fact, cats are really clean animals and never shit where they eat. Therefore, you can put bowls with food in those places where previously were found out cat feces.
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The most logical thing to show an animal to a veterinarianIn order to rule out the variant of the disease. It is possible that a course of treatment will be required from any organic pathology, but the cat will again be healthy and will stop leaving "fragrant" tags in unauthorized places.
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In addition, if you let the cat sleep on the master's bed, then she can leave her smell on her. In this case, she will not have the desire to mark the owner's box with her excrement.
If the cat started to crap due to theStress, you can buy a house for her, in which no one will bother the animal. Having received such a shelter, the animal will feel more confident, and the level of stress will decrease.

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