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WHY St. .Petersburg called Northern Palmyra

Welcome to the Northern Palmyra!

Russian writers and poets in the middle of the XVIII centuryPetersburg became known as North Palmira.Po architecture and numerous water canals the city is more like Venice. So why the name of the Northern Palmyra firmly rooted to the present day?

At first glance, nothing to do with the ancient Syrian gorodom.No if you look in the mists of time, it becomes clear why the St. Petersburg there is every reason to be called Northern Palmyra.

St. Petersburg - is the northern capital of Russia. To understand why it is called the Northern Palmyra and see the similarities with the ancient city, look at the facts.

From the history of Palmyra

In the oasis, the site of the modern Syrian desert,among evergreen palm trees appeared the city of unprecedented beauty. It was the name of the city of Palmyra. As legend has it, built it, King Solomon.
Soon the city became a lively place of trade. Steel is often visited by the Greeks. Their culture is firmly established in the lifestyle of the local population.
City famous for its magnificence. The main street was wide and long. According to her sides towering columns and arches. Architectural monuments struck by its beauty.
Due to the constant struggle with the Romans, the cityIt had to strengthen good from all sides. But this does not prevent him from being constantly beautiful and blooming. Especially prettier Syrian city during the time of the most vibrant and militant ruler Zenobia.
Reasonable were all her undertakings. As commander-woman, she was adamant in their orders, demanding with respect to the soldiers, generous but not wasteful, severe when the rigor needed.
Zenobia gradually began to seize nearbyland of Egypt and Asia Minor. Around the city formed Palmyra State. Her most ardent desire was to conquer and subjugate the great Rome. But this was not to be. The Romans defeated the army of Zenobia. In one night, they destroyed Palmyra and unruly regent captured.

Travel to St. Petersburg

Now back to Petersburg and see the similarities. What brings these two cities?
•; Unsuccessful terrain, but convenient location the cities
•; The rulers in the heyday
Palmyra and St. Petersburg became the capital with beautiful architecture: straight avenues proud arches and majestic columns.
But the start of construction was very heavy. Palmyra was erected in the oasis of the Syrian desert, and St. Petersburg - on the desert swamps. During the construction of cities, deserts and swamps - is not the best choice, far from ideal. However, a good location at the crossroads of major trading routes contributed to the prosperity and rapid growth of these cities.
And one important similarity. Palmyra reached zenith during the reign of Queen Zenobia. Petersburg appeared in all its glory and splendor of blinding under Catherine II. Not surprisingly, in the age of enlightenment in the Empress found similarities with the ruler of Palmyra. Catherine liked the comparison.
This is what brings together and unites the northern capital of Russia with the distant Syrian ancient city. That's why in St. Petersburg caught the name of Northern Palmyra.

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