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WHY is the root of the tongue


Why does the root of the tongue hurt?</a>

The tongue is a muscular organ located in the oral cavity.

It is covered with a mucous membrane, it is supplied with nervous endings and blood vessels.

This organ is divided into tip, body and root.

To root the root of the tongue can for a number of reasons. But most often this is due to the use of certain medications. A side effect of their use is this kind of pain. When they stop taking them, she leaves in a few days.

Common causes of pain of the root of the tongue

Severe pain of the root of the tongue can arise due toDevelopment of goiter in it. Such a disease is congenital. With its presence in the root of the tongue there is an additional thyroid gland, represented as a small node (diameter 1-2 cm). You can treat such a goiter only in an operative way. But before this, you need to undergo a series of examinations to make sure that the main thyroid gland retains its physiological functions.
Injuries to the root of the tongue can lead to a strong andAching pain. They can arise because of cuts, pricks or banal bite. If the injuries are minor, then you need to wait a few days until they heal, taking at this time analgesics. If not, consult a doctor: a dentist or surgeon.

Viral diseases can cause painThe root of the tongue. They occur in people with reduced immunity. If they are present in the language, you can observe small sores, which in time begin to interfere with food intake, and in some cases lead to difficulties with speech. If there are viral diseases, consult a physician or immunologist.

Rare root causes of root pain

In some cases, the root of the tongue canBecause of the blockage of saliva gland. At first, a person feels only discomfort. Only in 3-5 days there is a pain in the root of the tongue. With this problem, you need to contact the dentist.
Bacterial infections cause pain in the root of the tongueMainly in children. After all, they take food with dirty hands, they do not wash fruits and vegetables. If they have arisen recently, then you should consult a pediatrician, in other cases - to an infectious disease specialist.
The development of cancer is stillOne cause of root tongue pain. In this case, the symptoms of cancer at the initial stage are very poorly expressed. A person feels aching and prolonged pain only when the disease is already taking place in severe form, as in this process tissues begin to disintegrate and the nerve endings die off. He must be treated exclusively by an oncologist.

In rare cases, pain of the root of the tongue canArise due to an allergic reaction, excessive smoking and iron deficiency anemia. It can also cause endocrine disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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