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Why hurt the tongue

Language is a muscular organ located in the oral cavity.

It is covered with a mucous membrane, it is provided with nerve endings and blood vessels.

This body is divided into tip, body and root.

Rooting root of the tongue may be a number of reasons. But most often it is connected with the reception of certain drugs. A side effect of their use is this kind of pain. Upon termination of their receiving it a few days away.

Common causes of pain of the tongue

Severe pain of the tongue can occur duedevelopment of goiter in it. This disease is congenital. In his presence the extra thyroid, presented in the form of a small knot (1-2 cm diameter) is present in the root of the tongue. Treat this crop can only surgically. But before that you need to pass a series of examinations to ensure that the main thyroid retain its physiological function.
Injuries of the tongue can lead to strong andaching pain. They can occur due to cuts, punctures or banal biting. If the injury is minor, it is necessary to wait a few days until they heal, taking analgesics at this time. Otherwise, contact your doctor immediately: the dentist or surgeon.

Viral diseases can cause paintongue. They occur in people with reduced immunity. When present in the language, you can observe small ulcers that will eventually begin to interfere with the reception of food, and in some cases lead to difficulties with speech. In the presence of viral diseases, contact a physician or immunologist.

Rare cause of the pain of the tongue

In some cases, the root of the tongue can hurtdue to blockage of the salivary glands. At first, the person feels a discomfort. Only after 3-5 days, there is a pain in the root of the tongue. With such a problem should be treated to the dentist.
Bacterial infections cause pain of the tonguemainly in children. After all, they take food with dirty hands, poorly washed fruits and vegetables. When they emerged recently, you should consult a pediatrician, in other cases - to infectious diseases.
The development of cancer is stillOne cause of the pain of the tongue. This cancer symptoms are very mild in the early stages. Man feels nagging and prolonged pain only when the disease already occurs in severe form, as in the course of this are beginning to break up the tissue and nerve endings die. Treat it should only oncologist.

In rare cases, the pain of the tongue canarise as a result of an allergic reaction, excessive smoking and iron deficiency anemia. It can also cause endocrine disorders, and gastrointestinal disease.

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