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Why hurt the knee during walking

Why hurt the knee during walking

Sometimes there are problems that would limit the ability to move normally. One of these problems - pain in the knee.

What is the cause of such pain and what are the treatments worth investigating.

Pain in the knee during walking: causes

Conventionally causes of knee pain during walking are divided into two groups:
- ostrye-
- Chronic.
Acute pain occurs as a result of a direct blowknee, bending the knee or fall on him. Within a few minutes after the damage appears severe bruising or swelling, and during knee flexion felt a sharp pain in it. In addition, there may be chills, numbness, tingling in the knee or shin.
Possible causes of acute pain in the knee:
- Dislocations and sprains (tendons) in the knee chashechki-
- Gaps meniskov-
- Gaps svyazok-
- Fractures of the patella, the lower part of the thigh, the upper part of the tibia (fibula) kosti-
- Mixing / dislocation of the patella (this kind of damage is particularly common in women 13-18 years old) -
- Mixing / dislocation of the knee.

Mixing / dislocation of the knee injury is extremely rare and requires the provision of immediate medical assistance.

Chronic lesions may be provokedcongestion, or certain diseases. Damage from overloading occur as a result of frequent repetition movements with the pressure on the knee. For example, it may be a permanent climbing stairs, cycling, running, jumping, and even overweight.
By overload damage include:
- Inflammation of the small bags with a liquid, which are shock absorbers of the knee (bursitis) -
- Inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis) -
- Small tears of tendons (tendonitis).

Inflammation of the tendons of the knee is most common in women over 40 years.

Furthermore, it causes pain in the knee during walking can:
- Diseases of the skin (cellulitis), bones (osteomyelitis), joints (arthritis) -
- Knee joint arthrosis (gonarthrosis), which most often affects people over 40 years old-
- Inflammation of the tendons of the knee (periarthritis bags "crow's feet").

Pain in the knee during walking: methods of treatment

If you hurt a knee and pain at the same time tolerant, you can use several effective tools to fix the problem:
- Special bandage-nakolennik-
- Anti-products-
- Temporary suspension of the implementation of training and heavy loads.
If within a week knee pain has not passed, you should immediately consult a traumatologist or the rheumatologist. It is important to remember that the self can lead to serious consequences.

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