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WHY hurts the knee while walking?


Why does my knee ache during walking?</a>

Sometimes there are problems that limit the ability to move normally. One of these problems is pain in the knee.

What is the cause of such pain and what are the methods of treatment, it is worth investigating.

Pain in the knee while walking: causes

Conditionally, the causes of pain in the knee during walking are divided into two groups:
- sharp-
- Chronic.
Acute pain occurs as a result of a direct strokeKnee, bend knee or fall on it. A few minutes after the injury, there is severe bruising or swelling, and during the knee flexion there is a sharp pain. In addition, there may be chills, numbness, tingling in the knee or shin.
Possible causes of acute pain in the knee:
- dislocations and sprains of ligaments (tendons) in the region of the patella-
- tears of meniscus-
- ruptures of ligaments-
- fractures of the patella, lower part of the thigh, upper part of the tibia (fibula)
- mixing / dislocation of the patella (this kind of damage is especially common in girls aged 13-18) -
- mixing / dislocating the knee joint.

Mixing / dislocating the knee is an extremely rare injury and requires immediate medical attention.

Chronic injuries can be provokedOverloads or some diseases. Damages from overload arise as a result of repeated repetition of movements with pressure on the knee. For example, it can be constant climbing stairs, cycling, running, jumping and even being overweight.
To damage from overload are:
- Inflammation of small bags with liquid, which are knee shock absorbers (bursitis) -
- Inflammation of tendons (tendinitis) -
- small ruptures of tendons (tendinosis).

Inflammation of the knee tendon is most common in women older than 40 years.

In addition, causing pain in the knee during walking can:
- Skin diseases (cellulite), bones (osteomyelitis), joints (arthritis) -
- arthrosis of the knee joint (gonarthrosis), which most often affects people after 40 years-
- inflammation of the knee tendons (periarthritis of the "goose paw" bag).

Pain in the knee while walking: methods of treatment

If you hurt your knee and the pain is tolerable, you can use several effective remedies to eliminate it:
- special bandage-knee-
- anti-inflammatory drugs-
- temporary suspension of training and heavy loads.
If within a week the pain in the knee does not go away, you should immediately contact a traumatologist or rheumatologist. It is important to remember that self-medication can lead to serious consequences.

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