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WHY sore knee

Why sore knee

Often, even healthy people experience discomfort in the knee joints. It is not surprising, because they are responsible for a large enough load during walking.

The reasons for which there may be pain in the knee, a lot.


One of the common reasons arisingpain in the knees is considered an injury. It may be a damaged meniscus, tear ligaments, strains, sprains knee, closed or open fracture. As a rule, in this case, the pain immediately makes itself felt. Often you can observe swelling and bruising in the area of ​​damage. Experience these symptoms may suddenly. For example, in the fall, from the unnatural bending of limbs, from the strong impact and so forth.

Pain in the knee joint of both right and leftlegs can occur from excessive loads. Often long movement and pressure leads to irritation of the tissue in the area. Often subsequently formed inflammatory processes.

Such pain can occur when overweight, jumping, running, classes at the gym, cycling, long walks.

There may also be various pathologies of the kneejoints, caused by excessive load: ilio-tibial ligament syndrome, pain in the patellofemoral part fibrinous film syndrome tendioz or tendonitis, bursitis.

Severe knee pain may be caused by suchdisease as osteartroz. In this case, the structure is destroyed joints. Pain can change the character at different times of the day. This disease often occurs against a background of old injuries.

Metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, obesity, chronic infections, inherited diseases can also cause pain in the knees.

Other causes of pain: osteomyelitis, arthritis of infectious origin, gout, popliteal bursitis, lupus erythematosus, necrosis of the tibial tubercle, rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain in the knee flexion

The knee joint is located between the tibia andlarge femur that determines its function: extension and flexion of the legs. It irregularities in the joints of these cause discomfort and feeling pain when bending the knee.
The causes of pain in the knee flexion may serve as:
- A variety of nerve entrapment okonchaniy-
- Various violations pozvonochnika-
- Inflammation of the sciatic nerva-
- Pathology of cartilage nadkolennika-
- Osgood-Shlattera-
- Developing artroz-
- Inflammation of the articular bags, bursitis.
If you systematically and regularly disturbedpain in the knee joints, be sure to have it inspected by a qualified technician. For qualitative diagnosis of these problems in health care facilities use modern approach - arthroscopy. In addition, the doctor may prescribe different methods and drugs for the treatment of pain in his knees.

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