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Why does my heel hurt?


Why do my heels hurt?</a>

Pain in the heels can occur for completely different reasons.

For example, it can be provoked by unsuitable or uncomfortable shoes.

Also, the pain in the heel area can be a symptom of any disease.


Plantar fasciitis manifests itself at largeOverloads of foot. Most often in this case, the pain makes itself felt, when a person wears shoes on a low heel or even prefers shoes on a flat sole. The fascia is a broad band of dense formation. It passes from the metatarsal bones to the calcaneus.

Pain usually occurs in the place of attachment of the fascia to the calcaneal tubercle.

A very common cause of pain - heelspur. This is the so-called chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia. It is accompanied by the accumulation of calcium in these places. Because of its excess, a bone growth occurs most often. He is the heel spur. Pain can make itself felt after a short rest.

Trauma to the tendon often results fromWearing shoes at too high or uncomfortable heels. They cause a huge strain on the tendons of the legs. In addition, the effect is enhanced by long walking and flat feet.

Pain in the heel can also cause injury to the calcaneus. This trauma leads to the formation of inflammation of neighboring tissues. Such pains are especially burning and strong.

Above the heel, pain is very often caused by a violation of the Achilles tendon and its inflammation.

Also, the causes of heel pain can be andVarious infectious diseases (chlamydosis, gonorrhea and others). They cause instant reactive inflammation of the heels. In this case, unpleasant sensations and discomfort can be experienced even in a calm state.

Inflammation in the heel area can accompany such diseases as gout, psoriatic arthritis, etc.


Treatment of pain in the heel should be addressedqualified specialists. They, after studying the cause of the pain, will give valuable recommendations and prescribe a special course of treatment. Often, to see the nature of the damage, the doctor requires taking an X-ray photograph. In some cases, surgical intervention is also necessary.

There are a number of useful recommendations that help to relieve pain in the heel.

When buying new shoes, be very careful. It should be as practical and convenient as possible. Quality footwear is made of soft materials and has a supporting arch support.

If you feel pain in the calcaneal region, you should give up playing sports. You should not walk a lot, suffer weight, jump or run. This can exacerbate the problem.

If possible, completely abandon high heels. Put soft materials in shoes. You can also use special orthopedic insoles.

With regular or systematic pain in the heel area, be sure to seek help from a medical institution.

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