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WHY sore heel

Why hurt the heel

Heel pain can be caused by completely different reasons.

For example, it may be triggered by an inappropriate or uncomfortable shoes.

Also in heel pain can be a symptom of an illness.


Plantar fasciitis is manifested at largeoverload stops. Most often, in this case, the pain makes itself felt when a person wears low-heeled shoes or even prefer flat shoes. The fascia is a broad band of dense formation. It takes it from the metatarsals to the heel bone.

The pains usually occur at the site of attachment to the fascia calcaneal tuber.

A very common cause of pain - heelspur. This so-called chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia. It is accompanied by the accumulation of calcium in these places. Because of its abundance is most often formed bony growths. He is a heel spur. Pain can make itself felt after a short rest.

tendon injuries often result fromwearing shoes with very high heels or uncomfortable. They cause enormous strain on leg tendons. In addition, it enhances the effects of prolonged walking and flat.

Pain in the heel can also cause a bruised heel bone. This injury results in the formation adjacent tissue inflammation. Such pains are very strong and burning.

Above the heel pain is often caused by a violation of Achilles tendon and inflammation.

Also cause heel pain can bevarious infectious diseases (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and others). They cause the instantaneous reactive inflammation of the heel. In this case, the discomfort and discomfort can be experienced even in a calm state.

Inflammation in the heel can accompany diseases such as gout, arthritis, etc. psoriartichesky.


The treatment of pain in the heel should be dealt withqualified specialists. They are examining the cause of the pain, give valuable advice and appoint a special course of treatment. Often, to see the nature of the damage, the doctor needs to make an X-ray picture. In some cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

There are a number of useful recommendations that help relieve heel pain.

When buying new shoes, be very careful. It must be the most practical and convenient. High-quality shoes made of soft material and has a supporting arch support.

If you feel pain in the heel, is to abandon the sport. It is not necessary to walk a lot, carry heavy loads, jump or run. This can make the problem worse.

If possible, completely give up high heels. The shoes puts soft materials. You can also use special orthopedic insoles.

With regular or systematic pain necessarily ask for help in a medical institution in the field of five.

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