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WHY so called mortal sins

Hieronymus Bosch. "Seven Deadly Sins"

Seven Deadly Sins is sometimes called the Bible.

In fact, they are not even mentioned in the Bible.

The list of the seven deadly sins was drawn up and the Catholic clergy raises many questions today.

The expression "seven deadly sins" does notIt means seven specific actions, which themselves are the very serious sins. In fact, such actions could be much larger, and the number "seven" refers only to a conditional division of sins into seven main groups.

The mortal sins differ from the less serious

For the first time such classification was proposed in 590by St. Gregory the Great. St. Theophane the Recluse wrote that mortal sin is different from the less serious that robs man of his moral and Christian life, and separates him from God. Mortal sins are those called because alienation of the soul from God means the death of the soul. However, even the sinner one of these sins, repented, and can be saved.

Seven Deadly Sins

By the seven deadly sins are: pride, envy, gluttony, adultery, anger, greed, and dejection.
Pride and self-satisfaction suggests ecstasyown merits. At the same time, falling into pride, man separate a first from the people around them, and then - and from God. Whoever overly proud, do not even need the admiration of others. source of happiness, he sees only himself. But pride does not bring happiness. Gradually she drains the human soul, making her incapable of sincere feelings.
Envy can push a person to the worstcrime, but even if this does not happen, the envious will bring great suffering, first of all, himself. Even after the death of envy will torment his soul, leaving no hope for its quenching.
Gluttony makes a man a slave to his own stomach. Food for it becomes the goal and the meaning of life and the spirit leaves him.
The sin of adultery to include not only marriedtreason and other bodily sins and indecent pictures that people cherish in their imagination. Indulging in sin, man likens himself to an animal and completely forgets about the soul.
Anger is a natural property of the humansoul invested in it for rejecting all unworthy and sinful. However, this natural anger can turn into anger at the people around them, arising out of the smallest and most insignificant occasions. Unrighteous anger can lead a person to the most horrible acts - from abuse and insults to murder.
Self-interest - it's painful, irresistiblethe desire to possess many material goods. It does not depend on whether they are already at the person and he is committed exclusively to their constant multiplication, or a night and day dream about them. In any case, when all of a person's thoughts are filled with dreams of material wealth, spiritual wealth is meaningless for him.
Discouragement causes a person to constantly long for unfulfilled dreams, making him unhappy and brings his soul to the point of exhaustion.
Falling into one or more of the deadly sins,man directs all the forces of his soul to the attainment of earthly pleasures rather than to seek the joys of heaven. Thus, he denies his soul eternal life.

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