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WHY mortal sins are so called


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Seven deadly sins are sometimes called biblical.

In fact, they are not even mentioned in the Bible.

The list of seven deadly sins was compiled by the Catholic clergy and still raises many questions.

The expression "seven deadly sins" is not at allMeans seven certain actions, which in themselves are themselves grave sins. In fact, there can be much more such acts, and the number "seven" only indicates a conditional subdivision of these sins into seven main groups.

What mortal sins differ from less serious ones

For the first time such a classification was proposed in 590St. Gregory the Great. St. Theophan the Recluse wrote that mortal sin differs from less serious in that it takes away from a person his moral and Christian life and distances him from God. These sins are termed mortal because the separation of the soul from God signifies the death of the soul. However, even having sinned by one of these sin, repenting, can find salvation.

Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins are: pride, envy, gluttony, adultery, anger, greed and despondency.
Pride presupposes self-righteousness and ecstasyOwn merits. At the same time, falling into pride, a person first comes to rest from the surrounding people, and then - and from God. Those who are too proud, do not even need the admiration of others. He sees the source of happiness only in himself. However, pride does not bring joy. Gradually, it drains the human soul, making it incapable of sincere feeling.
Envy can push a person to the most terribleCrimes, but, even if this does not happen, the envious person will bring grave suffering, first of all, to himself. Even after death, envy will torment his soul, leaving no hope of her being satisfied.
Gluttony makes a man a slave to his own stomach. Food for him becomes the goal and meaning of life, and the spiritual beginning leaves him.
The sin of adultery includes not only maritalTreason and other bodily sins, but also obscene pictures that a person cherishes in his imagination. Surrendering to sin, a person likens himself to an animal and completely forgets about the soul.
Anger is a natural property of the humanSoul, invested in it for the rejection of all unworthy and sinful. However, this natural anger can turn into anger at the surrounding people, arising from the smallest and most trivial occasions. Unrighteous anger can lead a person to the most terrible deeds - from abuse and insults to murder.
Self-interest is a painful, irresistibleThe desire to possess numerous material goods. It does not depend on whether they already have a person and he strives exclusively for their constant multiplying, or only day and night dreams of them. In any case, when all the thoughts of a person are filled with dreams of material wealth, spiritual wealth loses meaning for it.
Discouragement makes a man always yearn for unfulfilled dreams, makes him unhappy and brings his soul to utter exhaustion.
Falling into one or more deadly sins,Man directs all the powers of his soul to the attainment of earthly joys, instead of striving for the joys of heaven. Thus, he deprives his soul of eternal life.

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