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WHY computer slows

Why brakes

The reasons for that can "slow down" the computer a lot.

But the main ones are: a weak computer configuration, excess temperature, viral activity, "garbage" in the operating system.

Modern users are often faced with situations where the personal computer will slow down. The reasons for this "disease" may be different.

Old or weak computer configuration

With such a problem faced peoplewho, for whatever reasons, use physically or morally outdated configuration. This problem can be solved by a partial or complete upgrade provided the use of a personal computer. When using a laptop or netbook can only be a complete upgrade.

computer Overheating

Each computer has a cooling system,the bulk of which works by retracting blowing cooled air and heated. During retraction air is drawn into the cooled dust, animal hair, etc. All this should be removed.
Take a screwdriver, a clean brush (preferably a squirrel)a vacuum cleaner. Power down the computer and unplug all cables. Open the side cover of the fan side. Vacuums turn down to a minimum, and remove all kinds of attachments. Switch the vacuum cleaner and gently bringing retracting hose (in any case, do not touch parts) whisk brush dust. After cleaning is finished tighten the end cap and connect the computer. This procedure is recommended to do once a quarter, and in the presence of home long-haired pets often.

High viral activity

Many varieties of malware cancause slowdowns or computer network in general. To resolve this reason, update anti-virus software, and if it is missing, install the latest version. Perform full scan procedure and the treatment of the operating system and data.

A blocked or operating system registry

A large number of installed programs,especially automatically start and run in the background, can cause memory overflow, which results in slowing of your computer. To resolve this problem, remove unnecessary software, but be careful not to accidentally remove required.
After removal of many programs leave traces inregistry system, which also causes the slowdown. To resolve this problem, use the program to clean the registry. Such programs, there are so many, and you will easily find them.

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