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WHY skin peels after sunburn

Why is skin peels after sunburn

Beautiful and tan - the dream of many girls. Often, however, prolonged exposure to the sun ends redness and peeling of the skin stronger.

Over time, it starts to get off, that does not add to the attractiveness.

To avoid this problem, you can, if you listen to the advice of experts.

helpful hints

If, after a long stay in the sun onskin burns and remained strong reddening, you must yourself gently remove the top layer of dead that badly damaged by excessive UV light. Run this procedure can be at home. To do this, you will need to scrub for the body. Acquire it recommended in a pharmacy. Before you buy be sure to read the instructions for use.

When choosing a scrub is necessary to carefullyinspect the product, paying attention to the content of the abrasive particles. They should not be hard and sharp. In this case, scrubs with seeds of grapes and apricots are not suitable. The best option - sugar scrub containing natural oils of almond, olive or avocado. He is excellent exfoliate dead skin cells, gently moistened skin surface. This procedure will restore elasticity and smooth body appearance.

Moisturizing the skin

To avoid sunburn, you must be sure to moisturize your skin before sunbathing. Thus, it will not get off.

As a moisturizer, you can use a special cream or prepare the mixture for the nutrition of the skin on their own.

When choosing a moisturizer for sunburncarefully read its composition. Preference was given to cosmetics, which contain extracts of herbs such as chamomile, aloe vera and calendula. This cream is not only perfectly moisturizes the skin surface, but also to speed up its recovery.

After Sun also do not forget about moisturizing the skin. In this case, you can use simple means at hand: yogurt, cream or sour cream.

It should be noted that dairy products are perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, increasing its elasticity.

If the hand is not fermented milk products, excellent fit of sea buckthorn oil or olive oil. They should regularly lubricate the skin, to avoid the negative effects of after-sun.

strengthens the body

We should not forget that if you peel the skin aftersunbathing - this is not only an external problem. Remember: everything is interconnected in the human body. If the surface of the skin to get burned, it is necessary to start to maintain the inside. This will help a complex of vitamins and minerals, balanced fluid and electrolyte balance.

With regular sunbathing toavoid burns and negative consequences, you should increase daily fluid intake to 2.5 liters. Of particular drink much milk as it contains a protein that is required to restore skin cells. Also, experts recommend taking during the day natural juices, green tea without sugar and mineral water.

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