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Why did Atlantis sink?


Why did Atlantis sink?</a>

Atlantis - a legendary country, sung by Plato, stirs the minds of historians and philistines for more than two and a half thousand years.

The death of Atlantis gave rise to fear among the various peoples over the irresistible force of the elements and became the foundation for a multitude of scattered stories that have survived to the present in the form of myths, legends and legends.


The researchers, confident of the authenticity of the informationDialogues of Plato, believe that the death of the island occurred between 9593 and 9583 BCE. On this date indicate some data in the dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias". Critias - a statesman who lived in the second half of the 5th century BC, told Plato the story he read in the records of his grandfather, Solon, which he led from the words of the Egyptian priest in 593-583 BC. According to Critia Atlantis died exactly 9000 years before these records, so it turns out that since the death of the island passed about 11560 years. The author had Atlantis directly behind the Hercules or Hercules pillars, ie. In the Atlantic Ocean, behind the rocks that encircle the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. And although some place Atlantis in the Black Sea, in the Andes and even in the Caribbean, these are the most accurate coordinates and dates available to historians.

The death of the legendary state

According to the works of Plato, AtlantisBelonged to the ruler of the seas Poseidon, he gave it to the control of his sons from a mortal woman. The state grew and flourished, it was unthinkably rich, had a great influence on neighboring states and led a lively trade with them. But over time, the inhabitants "corrupted" and the ancient gods decided to punish them. Description of the death of Atlantis in Plato boils down to two main factors - an earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. At first, the ground began to shake, cracks appeared in the soil, a lot of people died in a few hours, and then a flood began that plunged the island to the bottom.

Skeptics say that Solon mixed up the Egyptian hieroglyphs that denote hundreds and thousands and instead of 900 recorded 9,000 years.

Versions of the death of Atlantis

One of the main versions of the death of AtlantisIs considered the eruption of an underwater volcano, which caused an earthquake and a tsunami. No less popular is the version of the death of the continent as a result of the shift of tectonic plates. By the way, in this version Atlantis is called the antipode of Great Britain; Atlantis sank on one side of the scales, on the other - England went up synchronously. The reason for this shift, according to various researchers, could be the fall of a large asteroid in the Bermuda Triangle region or off the coast of Japan, the seizure of its current moon by the Earth, the change of geographical poles as a result of the periodic "castling". This is indicated by words from ancient texts that "the Earth has once again been refreshed" or "reborn", i.e. The ancient peoples had a knowledge that such processes are natural and periodic.

In different parts of the world, the picture of the cataclysm couldSignificantly different. In some places, pieces of the falling cosmic body and the effects of destruction could be seen, in others - only roar and giant waves.

In the myths and legends of different peoples there areSupplemented versions of the death of civilizations that existed before the first Egyptian pharaohs. For example, the book Chilam-Balam describes the fall of some celestial body, the ensuing earthquake and flood: "there was a fiery rain," "a great serpent broke from the sky," and "his bones and skin fell on the ground," " And then terrible waves rushed through. " In other legends it is said that "the sky fell" and in a short time several times a day was replaced by night.
Modern researchers of the problem of AtlantisArgue that such a disaster can happen again. Melting glaciers in recent decades are increasingly intense, it can lead to desalination of the waters of the world's oceans, the disappearance of the warm Gulf Stream and a rise in the water level by several tens of meters. As a result, most of the coastal areas will be flooded, and many lands will repeat the fate of the legendary Atlantis.

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