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WHY sick before menstruation?

Why sick before menstruation?

During the menstrual cycle, a woman often feels discomfort and pain in the abdomen.

In some cases, you may have nausea, it appears, for several reasons.

Nausea before PMS occurs in women prettyoften. It can be strong and did not take place or, on the contrary, short-term and delivered a slight discomfort. The reasons for this may be several.

Causes nausea before ICP

The most commonly nausea before PMS arises from theincrease the serotonin levels in the cerebrospinal fluid in the body, and accumulation of large amounts of water. All this leads to a change in intracranial pressure. As a result, nausea, and a woman can celebrate transient dizziness, severe anxiety, pallor of the skin.
Increased physical activity becomescommon cause of nausea before the PMS. It arises from the fact that during sports increasing pressure at some internal organs, and the uterus is deflected backwards. By adopting such a position, it begins to compress the spinal vertebrae, resulting in nausea. Therefore, doctors recommend to reduce physical activity before the onset of menstruation and abandon them when it starts.

Oral contraceptives may affect thewell-being of women in front of PMS. They contribute to a change in hormonal levels, enhancing the content of estrogen in the body. This results in nausea and retching. Hormonal imbalance often may be accompanied by dizziness, excessive sweating, and irritability.
Emotional stress and stressful situationsworsen the condition of the woman in front of PMS. They lead to headaches, dizziness and nausea. In such situations, it is recommended more rest and try to meditate.

How to deal with nausea before PMS?

Form the right diet before menstruation. Avoid eating fatty, salty and spicy food. Prefer white meat and light salads. Prepare food for a couple and eat more cooked vegetables. Drink at least 2 liters of pure water. Spend more time outdoors, give up smoking and drinking. Get enough sleep will also help to improve the condition before the PMS.
Consult your doctor if nausea gives yousevere inconvenience. After the examination, he will prescribe the best medications to help minimize the number of occurrence of the gag reflex before menstruation. In no case do not take the tablets without consulting your doctor, they may harm the body and cause deterioration.

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