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WHY it is necessary to remove ICQ


The advent of online messengers has greatly simplified the lives of many people. Now do not dial the girlfriend's number to invite her to the cinema or find out the latest gossip.

However, is it so good that in the right-hand corner now and then the ICQ flashes invocatively?



The imagery of multitasking ICQ.
Take a look at the truth in your eyes: ICQ, even just blinking on the background of other applications, can significantly tear a person from work. And there are constant breaks in order to respond to another "hello" completely killing every stream activity.


Long typing.
Count how long your dialogue lastsInterlocutor through a messenger and how long it would last live. Usually everything that we are discussing for 2-3 hours, using ICQ, could be spoken in 10 minutes.


Absence of eye contact.
It's never worth discussing private life in ICQ, let alone joking or sarcasm. On the Internet, we do not see the person's face and sometimes do not even guess about his true reaction.


It's easy to make nonsense and regret it.
Many people are so addicted to writingMessages that sometimes involuntarily can give out any secrets or just too emotionally respond to the replies of the interlocutor, being in everyday life is much more modest.


The most important reason for removing allICQ client programs can be called a dependence, already proven by scientists. Over time, you can even feel that communication in real life is not so exciting and necessary for you, how great is the need for electronic communication, emoticons and pictures.

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