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Why should remove ICQ


The advent of online messengers significantly simplify the lives of many people. There is no need to dial a friend room to take her to the movies or read the latest gossip.

However, it is good that in the right corner and then flashing invitingly ICQ?



Hollowness multitasking ICQ.
Let's face it: ICQ, even just flashing on the background of other applications that can significantly detach a person from working. And the constant breaks to respond to another "hello" completely kill all streaming activities.


Long typing.
Calculate how much your last dialogue withinterlocutor by messenger, and no matter how much it lasted live. Usually, all that we are discussing within 2-3 hours using ICQ to, one could say in 10 minutes.


Lack of eye contact.
You should never discuss in ICQ personal life, and even more jokes or sarcastic. On the Internet, we do not see the face of the interlocutor, and sometimes do not even have to know his true reaction.


Easy breccia nonsense, and regret it.
Many people are so fond of writingmessages that can sometimes inadvertently give out any secrets or just too emotionally respond to cues interlocutor, being much more modest in everyday life.


The most important reason for the removal of allICQ client programs can be called addiction, scientists have proved. Over time, you may even feel that communication in real life is not as exciting and essential for you, how great the need for electronic communication, emoticons and pictures.

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