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Why say the mouth of a baby has spoken the truth?

Why say a baby has spoken by the mouth of truth

Children immediate, they always say what they think. Infants still just do not know how else, they are not accustomed to the fact that many adults lie not only with each other but also ourselves.

It is important to try to keep a "baby voice" that carries the truth, if you want to be a happy man.

Why has spoken through the mouth of an infant truth

According to the research of psychologists, children remainhis spontaneity and sincerity, and also did not know how to lie about two and a half or three years. At that age the child ceases to be a baby, he gradually begins to take more and more features of an adult.
The baby still does not perceive himself as a person, heI do not think that he is also a man. That is why young children who have already learned to say, the first time talk about themselves in the third person. For example, the child said: "Vanya wants to drink." Or simply said: "Drink."
Later, when the family and caregivers in kindergartenteach him to talk about himself in the first person, it begins to transmit their feelings differently: "I'm thirsty." At this time, man becomes aware of itself, and thus gradually realizes its goals and its benefits. But until that happens, the child can express all that he sees and understands, and it will be the absolute truth, describing the direct observation of the world around them.
Gradually, the child forms a relationship to the world as to something stranger, a stranger himself. Then he begins to more thoughtfully express their thoughts, something even hiding from others.
Children still keep their eyes and livelinesshonesty in the statements, so the phrase "by the mouth of babes the truth" should not be understood so that the truth can only say inexperienced kid. It is understood that any direct and naive proposition contains a grain of truth, not distorted by misconceptions about the benefits or considerations.

Can be considered synonymous with the phrase "The king is naked!" The Andersen says her naive child exposing deception that everyone is afraid to admit.

When the truth is lost

Often, people are growing up and entering into an adultlife, take the so-called social values ​​of the main goals in life. They do what is expected of them around, follow a path that is generally accepted, forgetting about their talents and desires. But if you cringe to imagine and evaluate themselves directly, we can see that the voice of the baby inside of the still present.

To raise a child who does not forget about your inner voice, you need to promote it since childhood to make decisions independently.

It is important to benefit themselves and others. Once you have somewhere to go astray, the baby inside of you is bound to say about it. People call it differently: a conscience, an inner voice, intuition ... It is important that this voice can really tell you the truth about himself, and about where you are and what to do next.

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