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Why Russia called Russia

Why Russia called Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world by area. It is washed by the waters of three oceans, on its territory there are a variety of natural areas - from arctic deserts to subtropical.

Russia has a rich, glorious, though abounding in tragic pages of history.

And how there was a name of the state that the general meaning of the word "Russia"?

Great Russia - the state of the Eastern Slavs

Some historical documents of the eraFrench King Louis I the Pious and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, a large state mentioned in the middle reaches of the Dnieper. This is a state called Rus (Russian land). Its major cities were considered as Kiev, Chernigov and Pereyaslavl (South).

On the origin of the term "Rus", thereMany hypotheses. The majority of scholars are of the opinion that the name comes from some ancient word meaning "water". As proof they cite the huge role played in the life of the ponds and extensive forested areas (transport, trade routes, food sources). That is, "Rus" - is something like "a place rich in water."

The documents of a later era foundthe names of a number of other cities, such as Vyshgorod, Belgorod, Tripoli, Korsun, Kanev. On them you can determine the approximate borders of ancient Russia. They included the territories of many Slavic tribes (fields Drevlyane, Vyatichi, Krivichy, etc.), as well as the Finno-Ugric tribes - Chud, Vesi.

By the beginning of the XIII century the territory of Russia also included Novgorod and East-Suzdal land.

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Since when there was the official name of "Russia"

As a result of a long period of feudaldisunity, strife, and especially due to the Mongol invasion was a sharp weakening of the links between different parts of ancient Russia. In toponymy any such thing as "Belaya Rus", "Little Russia", "Red (ie red) Rus". Just then there was the concept of "Russian", denoting a person nationality.

Grand Duke of Moscow, Ivan III at the end of the XV centuryfirst he began to call himself Emperor of All Russia. And about 100 years later came the first mention of the term "Russia", which meant "state inhabited by Russian".

Although for a long time were used, mainly, names such as "Russia", "Russian land", "Muscovy".

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By the middle of the XVII century, when the territoryStates significantly increased at the expense of the land connection with the ethnically non-Russian population, the name "Russia" began to be used more often. And since the beginning of the XVIII century, in the era of Peter the Great, the country officially became known as the Russian Empire.

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