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Why Russia has no driving culture

Why Russia has no driving culture

What is meant by the term "culturedriving "? This means that the person who is driving a vehicle, comply with the traffic rules, do not create emergency situations, ensure that you do not cause inconvenience to other motorists and pedestrians.

Alas, in the Russian reality, this happens not always.

Which implies driving culture

driving culture is automatically derived from the generalhuman culture. Some drivers' lihachat "unnecessarily risking not to give way to other vehicles (even if required to do so), are rude and aggressive.
In order to driving your own cardoes not become a problem or a source of danger to other people, it must be the owner comply with the general rules, rules of conduct in society. That is, to take care not only about their own interests, but the interests of others, to be polite, not to give the will to emotions. And it depends on the level of general culture, human breeding. Unfortunately, we must recognize that some citizens of Russia clearly lacks culture and education. If a person is in a life rude, selfish and inconsiderate, he just will behave, sat behind the wheel.
A major role in reducing the general level of culture andbreeding in the Russian society played a socio-political changes that occurred after the collapse of the USSR. Not for nothing the last decade of the last century called the "crazy 90s". Painful shocks experienced by our people and the impoverishment of millions of people, a sharp decline of morality, the rapid growth of crime, annoying propaganda, introduces the idea of ​​success at any cost, and the worship of money - this is not passed in vain. Many people, especially the young, to believe in what you have to be inflexible, unyielding, think only of their own interests, that kindness, politeness, ability to consider others - losers (losers). It is no wonder that they have become aggressive, inconsiderate drivers.

Unfortunately, this view is still characterized by some Russians.

How to behave behind the wheel

driving culture can not exist without toleranceto the offenses. Even an aggressive, selfish and pushy man can control himself, to observe generally accepted rules for fear of the inevitable punishment. However, it is no secret that the Russian traffic police - is one of the most corrupt institutions. Often, traffic police for a bribe turn a blind eye even on serious offenses of drivers. What kind of inevitability of punishment can there be?

attempt cottages with a 100% guarantee of a bribe traffic police in many countries over the driver a large fine, if not a real prison term.

Therefore, no matter how sad it is to realize, to present the culture of driving the Russian society is still far.

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