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WHY run useful?

Why run useful?

In the world of every day about one million people are actively running.

Who is doing it to lose weight, someone - because of health, and some - just to relax.

You will need

  • -Sports wear
  • -sneakers
  • -Player
  • -Free Time in the morning or in the evening



Running increases the durationlife. According to a recent study in Denmark, jogging just one hour a week can add years to your life. The cardiovascular system is working efficiently, breathing leveled, and all processes in the body start to balanced work.

Why run useful?


You lose a huge amount of unnecessary substances. Man is much thinner. Then go together with the harmful substances and the liquid is accumulated in the body. If you are running three hours a week, there is most likely to lose more than 3 kilograms per month.

Why run useful?


Improves mental ability. Running and similar physical activities cause the brain to release endorphins - chemicals that create a sense of satisfaction and positive well-being. Regular jogging significantly increases self-confidence. Jogging can relieve stress and long-term depression.

Why run useful?


Jogging has a positive impact ondifferent aspects of your physical and mental mood. While running, the person is completely at rest, enjoying the natural surroundings, his brain working more actively. The main thing is to begin to run correctly. Do not immediately load itself. It is better to start with a little jogging and gradually increase the distance.

Why run useful?

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