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WHY onion rot in the garden

Why do onions rot in the garden

Onions often enough under attackpests and diseases, which he can not always cope. A particular problem is the decay of the bulbs, which occurs in a period of growth, as well as during storage.

Let's look at the reasons rotting onions in the garden.

The overabundance of moisture in the soil

Luke does not like excessive moisture, so that itit is impossible to fill. In the rainy season the plant is necessary to protect the drainage. To do this, prepare before planting a small trench, the bottom of which roll in the sand, and then landed in his bulbs. Moreover, the sand layer should be equal to a quarter of the average size of the onions. We find that the excess moisture in the soil will go through the established mikrodrenazh.

Downy Mildew (peronosporosis) struck landing

First yellow feathers and then controversymildew down into the bulb itself, which ceases to grow. Contribute to the spread of the disease evening waterings, morning dew, the temperature drops, accommodation in shade, bad ventilation and warming, humidity, lack of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen excess. In order to avoid this trouble: do not put a bow fresh manure, crop rotation, observe, use fungicides, and immediately remove diseased vegetables as disputes quickly dissipate, infecting healthy fruit.

Onion Onion hurt a fly

If not quickly take appropriate measures, thispest can easily ruin the whole flower bed. First, onion planting need to be alternated with carrots and fennel, carrot smell alone can scare onion fly, so that experienced gardeners often alternate their crops. Secondly, you need time to remove and destroy all the plants that are a sign of infection. Third, the onions can be watered with a solution of ash, for infection prevention. To do this, collect the weeds, dead wood and branches of trees, burn everything in the fire, the resulting ash dissolve in water and pour this bed. To enhance the effect, add a solution of frayed tobacco leaves and red bell pepper.

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