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Why do I need to insulate the loggia from the inside?


Why is it necessary to insulate the loggia from the inside</a>

Warm glazing is designed to create comfortable conditions on a balcony and a loggia, which makes the room not only cozy, but also more functional.

You will need

  • Heat- and waterproofing materials, tools



To maintain the necessary temperatureRegime, it is necessary to use special materials that have waterproofing and thermal insulation properties. Of course, the materials that glazed balconies must additionally meet the established standards (resistance to deformation, biostability and others).


Glazing loggias requires enoughProfessional and careful approach. Particular attention should be paid to the exterior of the room and the floor covering. It is the high-quality insulation of external walls, floor and ceiling plays the main role in creating comfortable conditions. Pay attention to the windows: the glazing of the loggias should not have large gaps between the window opening and the wall itself. Correctly set windows also affect the temperature mode on the loggia.


The most common option isPlastic glazing of the loggias, as it is the most economical, simple and beautiful. Preliminary it is necessary to choose a qualitative insulating material, which is the basis of all work. As a rule, staple fiber and expanded polystyrene serve as a perfectly suitable material. Insulating material is laid along the entire perimeter, held by special glue. For higher strength, it is advisable to fix it in several places with dowels. Only after this begins the decorative design and glazing of balconies: the prices in the city for such work largely depend on the chosen organization, on the timing of delivery, on the professionalism of employees and on other factors.


As a rule, after the insulation of all surfacesBalcony used plastic panels or lining. With these materials, it is enough to simply decorate the interior surfaces of the loggia, choose by color and texture for almost any taste. Of course, it affects the quality and exclusive glazing of the loggias. The more expensive the material used and the more complex the construction project, the higher the cost of work on the insulation and design of the additional space.

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