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WHY radiator cold

Why radiator cold

Cold radiators - a real torture for all living in the apartment. Low room temperature can lead to colds.

Therefore it is necessary to know the cause of cold batteries to how to fix this problem as soon as possible.



The temperature of the radiators depends on the availabilitycoolant, as is often serves water. When its batteries are no cold, that is, they will cease to heat the room, if a plumber drain the heating system for any repairs.


Batteries can be cold because of the airtraffic jams. Most often, this encounter residents the upper floors of the house, since the air for the heating system tends to get up. Get rid of the air pockets can use the bleed screw and drain cock that is on each battery.


During the filling and start heatingPlumber system bypasses all the batteries in the house in order to check their temperature heating. During this process, called crimping system, open valves to release excess air. For this purpose, the cap is unscrewed therein, followed by opening the valve, which must be pressed. But before that, do not forget to put under the faucet basin or bucket. Typically, blends of at least five liters of water, and then carefully valve twists.


The reason may be cold radiatorsincorrectly selected scheme of their connection. It is best to opt for the diagonal method, rather than the side and bottom. If the supply of coolant is carried out from the bottom, the top of the battery is often cold. To remedy the situation, you can change the very wiring diagram or add an extension cord fluid flow.


Cold batteries may be flatthe result of poor circulation of water. Most often this is due to the formation of blockages in the pipeline and oskaliny. This prevents the hot water duct. In this case, the required washing pressure pipes or their replacement.


Sometimes cold battery talk about wronginstallation of radiators on the upper floors of the house. If the people on top of a modern battery installed, temperature controlled, but forget about the device bypass pipe, it will remain without heat all risers. Correct the situation is possible if an agreement with the neighbors on the top of the pipe installation.

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