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WHY racing cars have such a low landing

Classic sports car

Racing on the sports cars have always been spectacular competitions.

Loud names of champions at the hearing of everyone, young and old.

It is especially interesting to discuss the race cars themselves, their design, aerodynamic characteristics and speed.

Anyone who watched the race at least oncesports cars, he noticed that they differ from conventional four-wheeled vehicles. First of all, it is very noticeable low landing such fireballs that sets them apart from other machines. And he did it for a reason, and taking into account the physical aspects of transport behavior on the track at high speed.

A bit of physics in simple language

If we consider a moving body, it hasa certain inertia, which is particularly noticeable in the sharp turns and stops. If such a fast moving body sharp turn, the vehicle being in the normal wheels, it can just roll over. All "thanks" to the high center of gravity. The wheels come off the cover, and will crash.

The inertia, aerodynamics, stability on the road - all thanks to the low center of gravity of the sports car.

In sports cars is not so. Usually, between the bottom of the car and the road just a few centimeters of the lumen, which are called road clearance. It gives an interesting effect in fast motion. Due to the low center of gravity such a construction has better stability on the road. Of course, the laws of physics are not canceled, but the centrifugal force can not overturn the machine. Quite a different story than in the case of a conventional car. In addition, a sports car relatively small when compared with the conventional machine, which also affects the behavior of the machine.
Also, low landing, as well as other designespecially a sports car tell him the best aerodynamic, which affects the speed, agility and handling. If an ordinary driver peresyadet on a sports car, he will have to spend some time to get used to its management. All normal vehicle driving experience does not help here. You will need to "get used" to the new car and to learn to "feel" its behavior at high speed and cornering.

Yet accidents happen

Despite all precautions, accidents still happen.

According to unofficial statistics, a significant portion of the audience comes to sports cars competitions for accidents.

So in 1928 the track "Monza" carrider, Emilio Materassi flew into the crowd of spectators. As a result, 27 of the victims. In 1961, Wolfgang von Trips collided with another car. The driver was thrown to one side, and the car flew into the crowd. As a result, 11 of the victims. 1957 - pilot Alfonso de Portago was driving at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour on the long straight leg. For some reason, the car skidded sharply, and she swept the crowd. The reason, perhaps, was the team "Ferrari", which has not changed in time the wheels.
These and many other examples show how dangerous this entertaining game. Earth can literally get away from under the wheels, no matter how expensive your car make.

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